Buddha does not say

Often I wonder, a bustling soul of how long it takes to barren?Cup of coffee waiting for the heat to cold, lonely or a ship from shore to shore, but also stroll or a person from birth to death.Picking up from a vein yellow leaves, leaf surface is clearly visible.Once, it was also young, also remain high life, laughing country, Nose bridge the storm.But, everything is a once.Today, it hurriedly went to a beautiful death, for the life of this gorgeous, wrote a perfect finish.(China Network original contributions prose WWW.sanwen.COM) to find the Quiet one point at a cup of coffee, rich aroma looked away, bottomed carriage from beneath a huge glass, and from the flow of people, an endless stream.A fresh life of youth, belonging to their bloom, blooming brilliant, unscrupulous lazy like that, that kind of impunity.A book spread out on the desktop, calm and serene, waiting for its master, will remember it gently, with great concentration to read.Headphones, a melodious and profound Buddhist songs, repeated cycles.Like the vicissitudes also deemed ethereal voice mingled with compassion and sorrow for the grief of This World.This Buddha of compassion, Buddha’s words is fantastic, I’m Suzi, naturally not familiar with Buddhism, Buddhist music but I’m addicted to bring in feelings and love.Only a tone, can penetrate the skin, invade the bone marrow, direct access to the heart.An immense tenderness wrapped in the secular world riddled sinking your heart, so you can not help, red eyes, forget the sorrows and joys.    When the worries of mind, love to copy some Buddhist scriptures.Deliberately do not need to remember, nor need to bother to go epiphany.Buddha was there, when it’s your awareness of your self-awareness will.If you missed this life and Buddhism, nor with that force.Morrow made of a Red Suzi, With a heart Ning An Yiping, in this life, do a gentle nostalgia.    Nianhua lift eye, Xianfo, Buddha laugh, without a word.

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