Buddha fish

Buddha fish in the south of my home village, there is an artificial dug, clear stream, it all the way to the sea.A child, I like to stream cattle, play.There are a variety of small fish in the river, they can often be seen swimming in droves.Among these fish, fish Buddha is one of the most beautiful.It is colorful, body covered with blue and red stripes, dragging a long forked tail, as its name suggests, it is noble and sacred.It used to hide under the stream of water plants, the secret is to tell an adult I still found myself, do not remember, just remember that I will be based on the habits of the fish Buddha, with a wide mouth Kei bamboo, plants slowly to the bottom the pocket in the past, can always catch a fish or a few Buddha, then ran like a gust of wind to go home, put it in the ink bottle clean house, possessor of it, staring at it, guarding it, even the ink bottle hanging on the bed, so I sleep with the fish Buddha.    During the festival, my innocence big time, remembered childhood favorite fish Buddha, hoping to catch some back home to raise.Thus, the appointment nephew, get access pocket, rolled up pants faded out of the field, to go back to childhood pleasures and dreams.We first came to the creek, but the brook nearly dried up, but not the fish swim, only heard the sigh.Nephew said he was in the water bed with a drought of fish grabbed the Buddha before, it might try to go there.Nest full of water, surrounded by overgrown weeds.Nephew to go into the water pocket, no, and then pocket, nor.I took the nephew of the net bag, a pocket, with, carefully holding it slipped into the mineral water bottle.Pocket again, there has been, to do the same, we were harvested four.In order to ensure that the four fish alive back home a few hundred kilometers away, I’m dedicated to the market to buy the earthen pot with a cover, keep the fish in it, and put on a water plant.After returning home, I will turn the fish to raise Jingdezhen Ceramic tank, buy boxes of earthworms, the earthworms cut short short day, feeding the fish to eat.Then I felt too cruel to earthworms, fish and insects will feed into.    The relationship between man and man is born a day for two days and cooked, my relationship with Buddha fish, too.Just came back, the fish is always hiding under the leaves of plants, the edge of the stone, and refused to come out.Even while swimming outside, heard footsteps hide under the covers without a trace.Every day, I stick to them silently change the water, feeding, also original use of “ear syringe” for them to clean up feces, improve the environment.A few days ago, the weather was hot, the evening becoming light flying termite hill into the house, I will use the swatter to catch ants, one by one thrown into the water, I heard the creaking they eat.More than a month later, they are no longer afraid, no longer hiding, but often talk back, mating, chasing and playing, showing off beautiful figure and gorgeous colors.Whenever I sat next to the fish tank, his mouth issued a “da da da” call out, they will have to float to the surface, to me, nodding and wagging tail, it seems to talk to me.Scientists study shows that memory of the fish only seven seconds.But I do not believe it, and with my fish and my Buddha relations point of view, not only the memory of the fish is far more than seven seconds, but long-term, stable.    Seven days ago, I saw a fish tank there have been a lot of bubbles, but I do not know what that is, they put the clean-out.The next day, again in the same place there was a lot of bubbles, I turn it cleared out.On the third day, in another place, there has been a little less than two days before the bubble, but I stumbled, the largest piece of the most beautiful male, has been guarded under the bubble, who are still not allowed Other fish close to half a step.When feeding fish and insects, and it does not come to eat.Later, I saw three of the most beautiful female swim to a bubble below, the male is not as ruthless as ever, but the female and around the circle in the bubble below, then hugged.Since the bubble below, I do not know, but I understand what happened.This situation this territory, I began to fear the bubbles come from those, in my view, they are no longer the bubble, but left me with a warm, wonderful feeling – “love nest”.    Ah, the original fish will love nest!It is mouth blown out, is well-prepared for love.    Yesterday morning, the love nest of black clouds emerged a little bit, they firmly stick to those small bubbles; in the afternoon, those small little start moving up, I realized – my Buddha in fish larvae of fish.The piece of males, as always guarded the love nest.When the other fish get close to the love nest, he rushed out to drive them, and then return to the normal arrow love nest.He solemnly to defend their territory and their homes, others can not tolerate offensive and violated, does not allow others to steal his baby!    In order to protect young fish, I use the bowl gently scoop them out, loaded to another vessel in.A look into the jars, I’m surprised, thousands of young fish floating on the water, grow into one, it seems that the vessels were not fit their entire.I go back and look at the fish tank, since the bowl can not scoop up all the fish larvae, leaving dozens of stay in the aquarium, and the piece of males or infatuation guarded in smaller love nest.When he returned quickly to drive other fish love nest, tail careless love nest bubble Nongsan, and there are four or five fish larvae swim out of the love nest.Dear friends, proud touching scene took place – piece of males quickly swim out, one by one the small fish larvae into the mouth, then slowly swim back, then a young fish spit into a love nest.He is so protective of his baby, and the body thinner than the previous round and round.He really deserves to be the father of the great nature!

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