Buddha not, there is light

Never a monk, but looking back this bustling world or dancing, you do not dye – Inscription in the baptism ritual poetry and literature, you always leisurely prudent attitude, keen political awareness ahead, inexhaustible imaginative literature, coupled with living in a strategically advantageous position central upper, these make you this day and age where politicians Wizards.You look at reality, covered the history lesson, day and night to put forward policy reform.You write “Qin”, “Chen Shu conduct of public affairs,” “Song of Roc,” these cry from the heart, but for a young political thinkers of the affairs of state for political affairs of anxiety and alarm.    Perhaps there is no right or wrong, just the wrong moment.    However, this criticism along the way, you cry you upset, but never put down the initial desire.    Letter and see the suspect, loyalty is slander, you like Qu, one of the ancient and modern.Onion skin to heavy, supremely mild, Huang Zhong abandoned ruin, earthenware thunder.Slander people hypertonic, nameless Magi.Loyal endless stream of tears, but could not see eye Mingjun.    How many people finally chose to compromise, he chose to follow the big forces.Things such as dye vat, immersed in it, it is inevitable mind without color, not the final wash looks like a forced smile, not straight bowing obsequiousness.”Ju Fu furnace scope for Xi, good fortune to work; yin and yang char Xi, all copper.Powder message together Xi, there often is Ann?The ever-changing fortune, there might come a very.”In the changing and smelting, it was as pure as you still.Even alone, but also to go.    A maverick although he was destined to loneliness, still feel terrible this world criticism, God has given him a unique soul but gives it the same for human warmth and ordinary people need, this is the tragedy of lies.However, in fact, self-love good soul from universal love for the human spirit.You are in this world of various ring true, can not change their own mind, then, you write side tears side until the end.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) “World Wind cunning multiport, in the end honest person irrefutable.Late phase still bustling like vulgar, Zhongjue long cold at Fun Mi.”Wang Yongbin in the” Lunar Night Talk “was given such an answer will tell.You do not have to change their honest as ever, ever indifference.Face busy or cunning, but it will be sufficient to meet the ever word.    ”Zengguangxianwen” he said: “monk as ever, more than Buddha.”This ‘ever’ state of mind that is ever pure, ever own efforts.In this world, whether it is playing with reality, society is to live up to or deceived the people around him are not to be changed, we should stick to their principles remain the most authentic own, do not be afraid, do not get mad, to continue their efforts.Such as ever, regardless of whether the final Buddha, will feel worthy of its own.    After a lapse of years, you’re holding now also known for directing.Your ever, not Buddha, there is light.The lamp in one, according to this history years.

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