Buffalo Queen

The town where I now have identified a cow-free town, that government policies to encourage farmers to sell cattle to buy agricultural machinery.In recent years, Jianghan Plain achieved without more and more cattle towns.Even if countries do not implement policies to encourage farmers’ cattle already decreasing trend.Cattle will eventually withdraw from the stage of Chinese agriculture, which is the inevitable trend of China’s agricultural modernization.China’s agriculture can not always stay in the original state of cattle farming.Cattle gradually written into the history of agriculture.But, even so, the contribution of cattle to China’s agriculture can not be denied, at that time, no cattle farm off [businessman None of this.Times have changed though, farmers rely on cattle farming less and less, within a short time, more cattle farmers are still deep feelings, it is difficult to disappear from the heart.    25 years of rural animal husbandry and veterinary career played and seen cattle dealings although it can not be said to be a dime a dozen, but can also be said to be difficult to remember the number.Whenever I hear farmers vivid, vivid stories speak their cattle, how to praise their good credit for cattle, how tame and obedient is so cute, I think of the other end of our house cattle.Cattle farmers talking about of course is good, but on its position in my mind how comparable the other end who accompanied me throughout three years of cattle farmers living in it!    Water is the heart of the vast majority of cattle breeding buffalo, cattle rare.This is a performance buffalo decision.Water paddy way out of the heart of cattle is not popular, advantages buffalo is absolute.Our family of the mother buffalo then the other end of the production team.In addition to the other end of the female buffalo born a good physique, good physical fitness and good ability to work, the production team collective field of cattle to stay alive and causative of Lao Bashi achievements of her brand-name style.Extremely simple folk of that era, crops, cattle causative Lao Bashi who talk of cattle is one of their major gossip topic, we recognized the other end of the mother buffalo do not work lazy, not naughty, line everything, coupled with high IQ, so called buffalo Queen.    Buffalo Queen had never been ill harm, only later lame foot.That’s because the Queen buffalo working in the fields when the soil do not know what weapon stabbed her foot, even if they are so Lao Bashi still scrambling, rushing to lug causative buffalo Queen.At that time, buffalo Queen did not get timely treatment and rest of the application, has become a lame old temper, could not cure.Later, the production team sub-field home, buffalo Queen and give us four.The policy has changed, lame foot, buffalo Queen brand style is still as ever.    My first winter plowing fields.The so-called winter plowing field means after the fall of the rice harvest, cattle and iron pear with the rice fields plowing the soil over in winter crops, such as rape, etc..That is what I causative cattle soon, I plow unfamiliar way out, do not know the Queen of buffalo.The farming, farming with some dirt, but to actually turn, I do not know Editor’s Note.Fortunately the beginning, and later the more the more that kind of situation arise.Is Queen buffalo bully I was a novice?My buffalo Wumingzhihuo vent to the Queen who, I raised the whip in his left hand a few buffalo Queen ass, buffalo Queen reasonable manner, calmly, walked with farming, just looked back at me, as if that’s not my buffalo Queen’s wrong, you’re wrong, you will always understand.    Once again Geng Dong Tian.Tillage with the plow, buffalo Queen actually go for a pause, and go for a while and pause.I was wondering, my heart Wohuo yet, and I raise my left hand in the ass whip photos buffalo Queen lost in the past.Buffalo on the Queen looked at me, then looked at the dirt behind her, I have no experience, my attention did not plowed into the soil.This time, to a man, a causative cattle of Lao Bashi, he passed from my Tanabe went to his field.He said, you stop it.I said to myself, to complete the task today are only too quickly, the man out of a bad idea.However, to find the answer and there is no other alternative but to give it a try.I stopped and looked back, plowing the soil does not turn over some.The purpose is to plow the soil turn over.Brother said, you put the iron arc win.That is curved iron plows on the tip top, cow pulling the plow forward, the tip of the plow soil tillage loose, blocked curved iron plows on the tip, cow walked on earth was turned over.I won curved iron, iron arc found opposite a small pile.Dude took the opportunity to ask me, there is a small hole above the wooden plow straight.I understand part of it, plucked out of the hole in the wet soil with your fingers, then put away the curved iron.It turned out that a curved iron plow the soil loose on the turn, but come.No wonder the Queen buffalo stop and go, she experienced than me.I played for the Queen’s regret buffalo, buffalo goodwill of the Queen’s self-evident.    Queen’s own buffalo back home know from the outside.At first I did not know.    We take turns feeding buffalo Queen 4.Once, buffalo Queen from our house to the next one.Late autumn season comes, that morning I arrived at the Queen’s buffalo 1 km away from home dike graze I will go home.After dinner, I went to find the levee was gone buffalo buffalo Queen Queen.I am very anxious, immediately rushed to explain the situation at home, under house owner said buffalo Queen returned to his home bullpen.Queen buffalo own back, without my bullpen.    On one occasion, but he did not return home buffalo Queen.It was early winter season, I again went to Queen’s levee up buffalo graze in the evening, when the Queen of the buffalo to go home, but not home.I wonder.I went to the levee to find buffalo Queen, no, that three bullpen did not.Buffalo Queen of it to go there?I was not the end.I sleep at night when they are worried about.The next morning I went to the Queen buffalo.Find it, find it, I found another production team, 1 km away from home.Roadside a large threshing floor, threshing floor, there are just threshing rice, straw is also covered in straw above, Wo sidelines stood a large stone drums.It was no threshing machine, and no combine harvesters.Remove the rice threshing is a tractor trailer behind the car in front of the gravity of the car holding a rope with a stone drums, rolling back and forth on the threshing floor covered with the straw valley, straw and rice was divided house, paddy it is threshing out.Before walking tractor threshing is to make cattle pulling rope drums with stone threshing, but that is when the production team, used a big bull cattle.Sub-field home no one to make the cattle threshing.Next to the threshing floor on the river side of the road a row of willow, Buffalo Queen’s body jumped into my eyes.How familiar buffalo Queen, I am almost did not recognize her.I looked at the threshing field, then at night lost a buffalo Queen’s lap, I understand, which the farmer will be our Queen trapped live buffalo on his way home from a dam, pulled night stone drums.I was cursed that guy, you are also farmers ah, how other people’s cattle do not feel bad ah!I can not wait to walk around Queen buffalo, buffalo gently stroked the Queen’s head, I say, blame me take you home late yesterday, let the wicked heartless toss you all night.Buffalo Queen bowed his head, his eyes overflow with tears.    After three years of peasant life, my father worked in the veterinary work, originally temporary, after all, spend time and energy to work and study, home to cattle farming causative time almost gone.I quickly forget the cold water buffalo Queen.Suddenly one day, my father told me that our family’s buffalo Queen sold.At this time, I suddenly remembered our buffalo Queen.I’m reluctant to say, why do not you tell me, let me see her one last time.My father said, buffalo Queens old, can not do farm work, not the kind of place, not born calf, a few discuss, put her sold cattle dealer.She rushed to the cattle dealer got away, and then sent to the slaughterhouse.Cattle before slaughter to tears, I do not know if our tears flee before slaughter buffalo Queen?    Later, I have repeatedly been to the provincial capital of cattle slaughtering plant, see a lot of slaughtered cattle, cattle always thought that I was in front of the Queen buffalo, can not.I always wanted to see the Queen of buffalo that familiar figure always failed to do so.Until now, my heart still often think of my buffalo Queen.If we say that the disappearance of cattle is a result of increased agricultural productivity, such reasons are still valid, then a lot of treasure to protect animals disappear on Earth that God causes it horse?Animals should dominate the fate of the Earth is the soul of the people.When more and more animals disappear from us humans would be like ending it?

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