Tencent major shareholders will sell 1.Tencent shares of 900 million shares the next three years will not sell

  March 22, according to Bloomberg news, Tencent major shareholders of Naspers will sell up to million shares of Tencent Holdings stock。
After the sale of the shares of Naspers stake from Tencent% down to%。 According to today's closing price in Hong Kong dollars, the market value of nearly HK $ 83.5 billion, according to today Heyi。 Tencent opened low today, the stock plummeted percent to HK $ market capitalization of HK $ 4.174 trillion, the evaporation of HK $ 220.4 billion one day。   Naspers company: do not sell more in the next three years Tencent shares Naspers company announced that it would sell one hundred million Tencent Holdings Limited (Tencent) Shares, representing the entire issued share capital of Tencent (Tencent sale of shares) of 2%, which was Tencent stake reduced from% to% (transaction)。   These funds will be used to strengthen the company's balance sheet Naspers, and as time goes on investments to accelerate our classified ads, online food delivery and growth financial technology businesses in the world, and pursue other exciting in the event of growth opportunities。   Since 2001 investment, the company did not sell any shares Tencent。
Tencent Company believes that any industry is one of the world's best growth companies, the ability of a superior management team。
Tencent understand and support the intention to sell。 According to their belief in the long-term business Tencent, Naspers Tencent company will not sell more shares in the next three years。   Tencent fell nearly one day evaporated% at HK $ HK $ 220.4 billion Tencent opened low today, as of this writing, the stock plummeted percent to HK $ market capitalization of HK $ 4.174 trillion, the evaporation of HK $ 220.4 billion one day。   Tencent after the close of March 21 announced the fourth quarter of last year, Tencent total revenue billion yuan (RMB, the same below), an increase of 51% over last year。
Profit for the period billion yuan, up 105% over last year; 24% net profit growth rate last year to 33%。
The Company equity holders of profit billion yuan, up 98% over last year。   Data show that, in terms of total revenue or profit for the period look, last year's fourth quarter, Tencent performed well。 However, a little closer look at the business income, you will find problems。   2017 fourth quarter, Tencent most rely on business appeared down the chain, gaming revenue one hundred million yuan during the period, although compared with the same period in 2016 increased by 32%, but lower than the third quarter of 2017, the chain fell%, which is the second since 2015 quarter fell for the first time。   Tencent said the growth of online game revenue, mainly from the smart phone games, such as revenue growth, "glory of the King" and other existing games as well as "chaos king" and "Classic Dragon" and other new games, but also from the PC client game "DNF" and "heroes Union") revenue growth。
  The following is the full text of Naspers announcement:。

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