Buffalo’s character

[REVIEW] Yes and no is the disappearance of the buffalo’s character, it is gentle, kind, hard-working, part, simple and honest, perseverance, low-key, dedication, with no offensive.It has unwittingly penetration in the Chinese people’s bones, infiltration in the soul of China’s farmers, but also deeply imprinted in my life.      I was back home from the county seat of the car, saw the buffalo on the outskirts of the wide side of the road.At that time, the driver slowed the vehicle to allow passengers to see more real.Originally the car was shaking confused passengers were suddenly excited, that situation, like being in the Wild Animal Park, we were pleasantly surprised to look at this head outside the car “rare” animal.Next to a cattle farmer look like a man, his hand holding the rope cattle, one hand holding a bamboo, one person, one cow in the opposite direction of the county no one else to walk in the road edge, is particularly lonely in the city’s bustling background.I probably do not see the buffalo for several years in the rural home, I suddenly caught a familiar look, and read from the chaos and confusion.  ”Where is it to go?A child asked “car.”It’s home, it’s home in the countryside of farms.”The child’s mother replied.But I know, no one belonging to the buffalo farms, not the past, and it has not, it has to grow up in the bullpen, and the buffalo are being rushed to the slaughterhouse from the breeder’s home.Who would have thought, its life will be ended, it went exactly a road to death, maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow, it will become the meat on the table of the people, to meet people’s appetite, people’s physical health.I feel sad for it, but I know that this is its fate, buffalo as “cattle” from my hometown from the historical stage, become history, has become a cultural, Buffalo has become a “beef”, its decline irreparably.  I am familiar with all the buffalo, it’s strong build body, vigorous and rhythmic pace, beautiful horns Crescent Moon was, especially that huge and round eyes, like a pair of huge black pearls, glance, you never forget.It is time to concentrate hard working labor, when grazing leisurely silent meticulous, when looked at ease and peaceful rumination.  People often stubborn stubborn personality known as the “obstinacy”, known as “stubborn” and written dictionaries, this is really a great injustice on the text, is a misunderstanding of the largest cattle, I have to justify it.As far as I know, the buffalo not only not “stubborn”, there is no temper.It refused to forward, disobedient, and must have a very good reason, by no means out of slack, but not bad temper.Its size is too large, the action will inevitably slower, sometimes it will be as bad temper and whipped provoke.In the drying field, it would not move forward, it must have a board in front of the lift or broom blocked off, it does not cross over, I do not want to walk all over.Once a farmer to catch my buffalo in the paddy fields harrowing, cattle suddenly stopped, he shouted at, beaten with a rope cattle, beef is no longer forward, only willing to even move sideways.He was found in front of the cow, walk with a water snake.When the water snake slowly swim through, before they agree to forward buffalo.A similar situation, my way of cattle, have been met, sometimes in front of a small water snake, sometimes in front of a slow-moving toad.In my opinion, even if mistakes cattle, but also people’s negligence, the cattle will be nothing wrong with it?  I was five years old at the time, was thrown into the cattle’s father picked up on the backs of water buffalo, water buffalo as a father or pet gave me a gift, in fact, There is no better gift than this, nor the world as better pets.I am most proud of one thing I was very young when he learned to ride a water buffalo.Faced with such a stalwart robust buffalo, at first I was afraid of fear, but soon, I will read from the eyes of the buffalo out of the gentle, friendly and read out.The original Fun ride a buffalo no better than a hard wooden gyro.”Evil” is meant to start, “de de” meaning to stop, while the back gently pull rope cattle; pull tight rope cattle is left turn to the left, is the left flick rope cattle right turn.This is my buffalo and understanding, and I know that every buffalo.  I already know how to get along with the buffalo, it does not require any guard, but until now I get along with strangers are not very comfortable, not to mention self-confidence.I know you got buffalo satiate, treat it, it is particularly submissive.But you can not stand behind it, especially not to pull its tail, that would make it feel unsafe, its tail will you fall stinging.I will soon be able leg before stepping on board the cattle Cattle, I would even be able to hold the water buffalo horns, stepping Tau, climb Cattle from bovine neck, it is my privilege to Buffalo.  In my opinion, buffalo are very smart animals.When I inadvertently fell on its crotch rope cattle, as long as I flick of the rope cattle, it will lift a front leg, until I moved away to rope cattle.Buffalo is very cautious, very humble.In the not too broad ridge, if someone came across, it will automatically stop and wait to come over, or simply leave on their own initiative to avoid the ridge fields.Buffalo indeed be regarded as nature’s gentleman.  Buffalo along with the days of happiness is freedom, and often there will be a windfall.After spring plowing, I’ll one day before the first with a good cut grass to feed the cattle, then cut pile on farms, waiting for me to finish farm buffalo quietly enjoy.I can pick up with the plow on the back of the Land of the new turn loach jump, sometimes even picked up the eel, now more pesticides, almost extinct wild loach.In the summer the cattle, I can step in in a ditch to catch crabs, eels catch, fishing in the river, step on mussels.Autumn picking cow dung, made pie, on the wall to dry, prepare firewood for the winter.Material deprivation era, people will especially cherish the gift of God, never waste a little bit of resources, which might also cultivate the habit of our labor of love.There is a deep sense of cow dung smell of grass, I think there’s a real breath of nature.Elementary school when I wrote an essay picking cow dung, was educated youth read the teacher in the classroom, and teachers get high praise, this special honor that I still remember.I talked about writing function of cow dung, cow dung method of picking cow dung, etc., most natural color is the last discussion paper to the effect that I put cattle a day, get work points a day, this is my work deserved remuneration, and the whole production team buffalo bear the heaviest farm work, just get a bunch of weeds without any cost, even so, it becomes the weeds fuel back to the farmers, it paid almost zero, it is our labor and eternal example of dedication.Such words have been engraved forever in my memories, and turned into a respect for the cattle unlimited fondly and deep.  In my young mind, I have long known that the sky Altair, Vega, on the ground there are seven fairies and Dong’s story.I often naively wondered why so little water snake, but always want to attack people, and buffalo so big, but tamed by a child?I think Buffalo is virtuous, good luck, divine, can truly inspired the.  In a summer afternoon, I was in the field of cattle, no fieldwork, the southeast corner of the sky suddenly hangs a huge rainbow, buffalo and I are at one kind of heavenly enchanting wonderland, my heart give birth to a magical feeling, as if somewhere there is a stroke of luck is coming to me.I back down from the cow, walked into the high school, went into the desirable city, I think it is a fantastic feeling fulfilled.You can not have a few years, but never buffalo farms in rural areas Disappearance, replace it with a tractor, initially referred to as “tractor”.But there is no rural buffalo, just does not seem to be tranquil and quiet beauty of harmony, seems to lack the sunset, village boy Herding poetic.  Yes and no is the disappearance of the buffalo’s character, it is gentle, kind, hard-working, part, simple and honest, perseverance, low-key, dedication, with no offensive.It has unwittingly penetration in the Chinese people’s bones, infiltration in the soul of China’s farmers, but also deeply imprinted in my life.A buffalo like me and get along with people over ten years, more or less affected by buffalo, it was even assimilation.Everything is called “grassroots” something inevitable with the earth’s atmosphere, which is called “grassroots” people inevitably will with the same cow character.When they become a social “mainstream” or “elite” of the time, this character will give them good quality, so they made an unusual achievement.And when they give up these personalities, they may completely deteriorated, many people even thus become degenerate.  I always felt that my late father very much like the buffalo home, he farms all her life, raising children in rural areas, and non-confrontational, and the world without seeking.Associating with nature, life, stick to a state of life, and ultimately failed to integrate into modern society, not even leaving a photo, but it supports the entire family from the past into the future.  I also think that Chinese farmers like my hometown of Buffalo, they are hard-working and kind-hearted, simple and gentle, so that society’s most arduous farm work, produce the food needed over one billion people, only income is less well-off life, even into the city, it is still referred to as “migrant workers”.My parents, who raised my farmers.For them, our only obligation fear, there is no right to scorn and contempt of.  I believe, buffalo, in Chinese people’s minds will always be the most beautiful totem.

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