Burning life

[Part One: burning flame of life] remember the famous French writer Michel de Montaigne once said: “the more the rest of life is short, make it more fullness.”.If people say you’re in exactly the true meaning of the phrase epiphany, you might feel that they have been late to this end, in feeling can only be sorry to leave some of the shortcomings of your life, in fact, the limited value of human life and in your life it is extremely short-lived.We all understand that everyone has to leave this world, leaving their loved ones one day.When a person knows his lifespan might disheartened.If you do not know, may well be squandered life, always feel that death is a distant thing.When you think the time has few remaining life, you will not regret it, there are many things not to do, what do not understand, and people had time to filial piety, and love did not have time to tell the truth, there is no love also had time.If so live each day as the last day before, to do things in a timely manner, even if the end of life is at hand, there will not be too much to fit the.Yes ah, how to enjoy and spend your life, in your childhood, adolescence, youth, you will not go too much thinking, only in your middle age or later in life, you will go to serious thinking and discretionary.How happy in your lifetime you go through life, how to enjoy a happy life, I think, only quietly lost in time.Because time is fair, it will not give you too much luxury, not to follow your thinking to the discretion inch ruler.  People should be a very positive animals!Knowing that life will end, or so persistent move forward.Sometimes, I will confront those building solidification silent sigh, although they appear to be cold.It did not seem viable, but I admire their eternal, I may be a number of years of life long gone, they will be permanently standing in nature.I feel that life is a process of burning, from the moment you were born, your fire of life has already begun in the ignition.At the end of your life, your life is not done burning?You are not completely turned into a useful value of nature?I think everyone will not be too much consideration and attention in your lifetime go as.  Yes ah, when the young lovers suddenly lost love, you will feel love for him has not been released to the end; parents lost their young children do not yet feel the motherly father; courteous instantly lost his wife in old age you will feel the end of life has been completed.Yes, ah, this time you really appreciate the transience of life, for everything in life were so sadly.You might think at this limited time to make up for a lot of regret, you will feel the rhythm of accelerating time.You will feel the original slow pace unaware that beat real life make you never hesitate with no front.  Yes ah, whether it is entered middle age or old age, learning rhythm and life are inadvertently slowing down, not too much pressure, only a sigh of limited life.I remember at a young age, he had the old man in the park Liuniao behavior puzzled, and I just feel that they have no connected, especially for health care, longevity and more seen as a joke, saw his strong physique in the mirror and feel full of energy really I do not know there is a moment of his life came to an end there is.  Sometimes wonder why people sigh before going in front of all of this at this time, why not a young man and his life to grasp the ABC?You might also say that young arrogant, proud when young, not too much time to consider the dialectic between life and yourself, you will think this is coasting life and in passing.  For each human life is valuable, but you rarely pay attention to it, thinking about it.A leaf left the branches, gained their freedom but also lost their lives, some people senseless to end their lives, seem to feel free, however, you lose not your own, you gave the living and the society has brought many sorry.Life-giving time is always limited, but we should also see its happy side.We can feel the slick between heaven and earth, life is sometimes like a snowflake fell on the palm, not enough time to see her she would melt the edges, like a drop of water in the desert, like disappeared, leaving no trace, but she is so simple continuation of the.I seem to have started from the fresh taste of nature attentive today, re-grasp the true meaning of life again, for the first time to take stock of my life journey has not been completed, as long as your life is still, all you will be your own the hands of the infinite.Let the wings of life is getting full, never let life boat ran aground.With their entire life savings of fuel, complete burn you and I regret it a happy life.  [Part II: burning life of the flowers bees bee], life expectancy is only 40 days.After a bee does flowers of birth, life expectancy is longer, about three months.There are a number of longer life, I was born in the off-season bees, bee or winter.Their life, depending on their free and busy.  In order to accumulate more than food, for the next generation of children, for the collectivity, put a bright dawn, worker bees fly out of the nest to hurry, to go very far away and quit work.Because short flowering period, the worker bees only violent wings, hard work, fast round-trip.Seize the opportunity, seize the time, the greatest extent possible, the limited life into unlimited schedule for the benefit of future generations to.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) Bees are worthy of praise.  There was a poem: Regardless of the ground and hilltops, unlimited scenery to make the occupied.After picked flowers into honey, for whom for whom hard sweet?  It is like the first generation oil workers, frantically went to the first line, the day and night fighting.To be able to play one day earlier oil, and a race against time with them; just like the most beautiful people, dashing high spirits crossed the Yalu River.In the Korean front, on the snow, eating fried noodles, they do not cry bitter regrets to have to give his life charged forward; more like the peasants of a new era under the guidance of the new policy, the hoe Wo day when the afternoon , burning sun, spring harvest, repeated day after day, year after year of work, not just their own harvest with hope.  Bees, it is like them, for future generations, to live an elegant life, make every effort, selfless, silent dedication.  Eventually, exhausted on the way.  What a lovely elf ah!  See bees, most people will naturally think of the King’s favorite servant, Premier Zhou.Whether in the long road, or fighting in the heart of the enemy, worked day and night; After the founding of non-stop meeting with foreign guests, ambassador abroad, the establishment of friendly federal; for nation-building, big or small, usually all night long, sleepless nights, and even painstaking.From the Prime Minister, we see the light of bees.  There are light bee who is from Canada’s Dr. Norman Bethune, braved the smoke of war, day and night to treat the wounded.Surgery, accidentally hurt his hand, he did not care, only a simple process, continue to treat the wounded.So many wounded, and only his heart wounded.So that his hand infection, poisoning, there is no drug treatment at the expense of.As a foreigner, for China’s cause of liberation, Bethune like a bee, burning his own life, to the Chinese people to honey.Really is a no self-interest, people utter devotion to others ah!  There are bee-style cadres, Jiao Yulu, Kong ‘, they are obsessed with people, while ignoring their own body, died on the job.As well as group after group of unknown builders.For the construction of the motherland and the prosperity of their homes, wind, rain.Dyke blocks of high-rise into the sky, a seat Longbridge hold up the sun tomorrow.They mundane, like bees, honey is left to the people.Is not it their sweat crystallization!  Little bee knows ecstasy, let alone a human.Whether you are in positions, or the common people, or ordinary workers have put aside their own desires for the collective national quiet contribution it!Like, like pine, proudly, winter Xia Changqing.  I often mantis mantis feat touched, inspired.  Young male mantis, in the forest, hard to find, so had finally found favorite female mantis.It quickly take the initiative forward, enjoy the dancing that approximate pole forepaws.Not only to show their strong, but also to show their martial arts, is fully capable of protecting future wife.See it yourself to appreciate some female mantis, in turn began to show off language skills, to further the good cause of the female mantis own goodwill.  Female mantis finally moved.  It took the opportunity to walk into space carrying a female mantis secretive, affectionate lingering together.While he was excited about the milky liquid transport his body to the female praying mantis, strong female mantis trying not to cry, reluctantly big mouth, or bite off its head, slowly chewing up.Pregnant female mantis, must rely on a variety of nutritional combination, in order to give birth to a good baby.Potbellied female praying mantis can not find food.Can not find food, it means starvation.Starve yourself it does not matter, be it goes so much baby!Exactly, male mantis mantis female body with nutrients needed.Female mantis only mustered up the courage to start beloved man.Although not a male mantis head, limb nerve and did not die right away.Its limbs but tighter embrace the female mantis, excited with joy.  In this way, the female mantis mouthful of the male mantis eating, hid in a corner, no longer eat and drink, quiet waiting for having children.  What incredible pay!  Male mantis at the same time get love, put their young lives.  Friends, male friends, as you men, for family prosperity, are you trying to do?To his wife dressed prettier, and I feel more comfortable, you’re trying to do?For children to have abundant food resources, can be very decent in school, you work hard at it?Their basic necessities of life, emotions, you can not shirk the responsibility.  There is a fish fish every year they have to sail up to the most upstream quiet place to breed.  They droves, organized and disciplined upstream.More and more narrow river, the river more and more urgent.They are full of confidence, singing, courage.Front shallows, and river rapids.There are already several fish like warships, like roads cut through the waterway, back exposed on the surface, forward efforts directed at.The latter followed him, followed closely.Suddenly, the river is not very wide, packed with fish.Air birds wait a long time for a long time, and sharp dive down.Or with claws, or mouth with Lee, a section of the living being butchered.  They pass through the shallows, the curtain came a two-meter high waterfall approximate.They just jump in order to reach the destination.Like the legendary big splash, skip opinions immortality.A dozen brown bears long wait.They jump up, you can easily reach out to the brown bear, it is “a waste of effort must come to not” ah!At the beginning, hunger, brown bears can eat all the fish whole.As more and more fish, bears only a bite in the stomach, they threw.To the last few days, eat eggs of the brown bear.Dead fish floating in the river downstream Jilue be seen everywhere on the beach, flocks of birds in the mad scramble to compete for the fish dead.  Finally he passed the gate of hell, to the paradise destination.The fish in the water, resting quietly, good physical recovery as soon as possible.Strange to say, a few days of effort, the fish were all turned red, like red koi, dazzling.Females begin to lay eggs, the male fertilization busy.They revel in the process of having children in.  When she was finally their mission, they no longer eat and drink, with a satisfied and comfortable, quiet dead.The bodies sink into the river, waiting rotting, waiting for the birth of a child.They fear that the baby just born, can not find food that he would rather die, turned into food for the kids to enjoy.  How admirable parents ah!  Mantis, fish, for their own population growth, they are willing to burn their own young lives.Bees not only for their offspring, but also for humanity, spawn honey sweet, pay very short life.Their spirit forever, shine earth.  [Part three: the gas field is a passion of life] burning gas field people are always full of passion.Passion is an obsession, threw himself into – Passion is a quality every effort to immediate things.To get the highest reward in this world, you must have the dream will be converted to the value of dedication to develop and market their talents.The biggest challenge in life is how to keep the passion for life, never let the flame burn hot, and maintain this high morale – When you win the challenge, you will win the world.  With a strong passion for the gas field is the driving force contagious enthusiasm high efficiency work is indispensable to create a brilliant performance quality.Passion will become a habit in your heart, it helps you get rid of the cowardly psychological fetters, the royal road to success.  What is it warm?When you believe in your heart there is a goal, and when you work hard and seek to realize their ideals, you will be the spirit of times, vibrant live life, then you will have a passion.Enthusiasm is a way of thinking and approaching the target driving force, it enables you to keep this belief: life is good, there is always a road success.When you have a passionate approach to life, they will not only see the bad side of things, you pay attention to the bright side, you’ll be in everything, every person that everything that glitters.  Psychologists believe that the reason people are passionate people like because of warm quality contains more personal content, it makes other people think of excellent quality and characteristics associated with, this is the “halo effect” reflects.Once we are attracted to warm, we will think of passionate people honest, positive, optimistic.Enthusiasm infected with our emotions, give us a wonderful mood, make us feel happy and excited.Passion to be lucky, because people are fond of passionate people, for they are tolerant, easy to meet their demands.  In mid-1946, American psychologist Solomon.Asch did a famous experiment on psychology, called “passionate centrality quality” experiment.He listed six quality about personality – smart, skilled, hard-working, enthusiastic, hard work and prudent – to a group of subjects.At the same time, he gave another group of six subjects almost the same quality, the only difference is the “passion” into the “indifference”.Both groups were asked subjects to the table who do a detailed personality assessment, Professor Asch let the subjects stated that they hope the two groups have almost the same character has other qualities What.  The answer came out, just a difference “warm” and “cold”, with a “warm” quality people, has been the subject of heartfelt love, generous people describe him with a variety of excellent quality.And that “cold” instead of “warm” quality people, was the people’s hostility and hatred, the subjects were all kinds of bad quality are all listed under his “cold” quality.  The experiment proved that the quality of the human description, passion and apathy become the center of human qualities, which determines the quality of a number of other associated, including more about the individual.Thus, enthusiasm and apathy are known to be central quality.  People’s emotions will be infected, you are happy, so I’m happy.If you do not have passion, you can not move people.People like to change their emotional state of people.A passionate person and not just external manifestations, it will become a habit in your heart, then unconsciously manifested through your behaviors, thus affecting others.Nothing can stop this habit, it helps you get rid of the cowardly psychological fetters, to the royal road of success.  Enthusiasm is the largest element of success.Among the large number of teams, a lot of people because of the enthusiasm of the salary increase again.But there are a lot of people because of lack of enthusiasm, the situation slowly toward suffered a crushing defeat.Everyone’s heart have passion, but can take advantage of this enthusiasm obsessed with not many goals.Enthusiasm is the most effective way to achieve the goal, only for their own aspirations cherished enthusiasm of the people, is to turn goals into reality.  As a former professional American baseball star, William.Pull pregnant at the age of 40 due to poor physical strength and bid farewell to the sport another way of living.He thought, with their visibility to the insurance company salesman candidates will not have any problems.May result is unexpected, personnel manager refused and said: “selling insurance must be smiling, but you can not, you are not hired.”Faced with cold, pregnant did not pull back down, he was determined as the year started his baseball field start from scratch learning” laugh “.Because every day to let go of sound in the living room laughing on hundreds of times, neighbors misunderstanding: Unemployment too much stimulation for him, his spirit of a problem.In order not to disturb the neighbors, he had to shut himself in the bathroom exercises.  After a month, I went to see the manager pregnant pull the spot unfold smile.But get a cold answer is: “No.!Smile bright enough.”Huai pull inherently a persistent person, he returned home to continue training hard up.Once, an acquaintance he met on the road, very naturally greeted with a smile.The other exclaimed: “Mr. Wise pull, but not for some time, you changed so much, and before a different person!”After listening to comments acquaintances, pull pregnant again with confidence to the audience with the manager, smiled happily.  ”Better now than before.”The manager pointed out,” But is not the real heart of what kind.”Huai pull discouraged, make persistent efforts, finally got his wish, the insurance company hired.The former baseball star on a serious face indifference, bloom departure from infant heart like smile.That smile is so innocent, so pleasant, so that customers can not resist.This is by training hard but not born out of the smile, became pregnant pull the United States selling insurance experts, the annual income exceeded $ million.  William.Huai pull from the heart and said: “People can self-improvement, the key is your passion.”Anyone would have a passion for, the difference is that some people just 30 minutes of passion, enthusiasm and some people can be held for 30 days, and a winner but let enthusiasm for 30 years or even a lifetime.Enthusiasm inspire our potential, let us show the vibrancy, passion is pregnant pull Xiaoying setbacks, the ultimate success.  Tom.Peter in his “pursuit of perfection,” a book said: “First-class performance is not unimaginative; it should be full of energy and enthusiasm..”When you work with great interest, and to make their own boss and customer satisfaction, the benefits you get will increase.Cornerstone join in your words and deeds of passion, passion is an amazing feature, you can attract people with influence, but also the enthusiasm of success.  If a person lacks passion, it is impossible to accomplish something.Writer Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “The enthusiasm like paste, like, you can make the hardships of occasions firmly stuck in here, we persist in the end.It is when people say “no” to you, from the heart of a powerful voice – “I’m OK”.”

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