Bursts of fragrance drifting Ruoyouruowu

On the windowsill, flowers children that have lost their original mouthwatering, some flagging bowed, but also has some slightly rolled leaves.Only the occasional gust of wind blowing children, Ruoyouruowu aroma nostrils, remembered a bouquet of flowers on the windowsill there that exists quietly in the corner.    This bouquet child, Mother’s Day is the day to give my daughter, a bright vibrant pink rose, a subtle and elegant purple carnations, and two handsome tall lily, a pink one hundred full warm.Later, when I asked her, why should I send this bouquet child on Mother’s Day.My daughter replied with a slightly aging tone: it you do not understand it, Rose is on behalf of my vitality and lively, carnations represent your subtle and elegant, as well as two lilies on behalf of our mother and daughter together forever, never betray.Listening to the interpretation of these florid daughter, my heart has been filled with more than just touched.    However, in what I touched, I was very ashamed, Mother’s Day, and my mother what is it?Apart from these empty weak sentimental, did not even make a phone greeting, and the mother of a hundred miles away, whether it is scorching sun, heavy rain, such as injection, but still stick to picking the tea Lixin Lao.Some tired when the mother’s voice through the microphone reached my ears, I hope I have time to go back to help, but my daughter is always close to the test, but declined to get away for the reason, in fact, it is more heavy rain and sun exposure such as injection of fear.Put down the microphone, I seem to feel his mother’s disappointment, the eyes seem to see those two old people face regardless of the time but still overgrown garden green tea, both the harvest of joy, but it is more helpless.And those guilty are also soon to be lost in the hustle and bustle of city life in a bustling, day by day fade away, and the mother’s contact only in occasional telephone, face all sorts of excuses and put off my mother has not the slightest mind and blame, is still all sorts of exhortations to bring her daughter to eat breakfast on time, do not stay up all night, not sedentary in front of the computer, etc…And then there’s the home of the tea harvest and what price to sell, about his father’s failings and yet revealing distressed father worked hard for the remainder of the deep.An invisible phone line, but it is even from mother to daughter share a deep sense of love and talk.    Listening to my grandmother said to her when I was younger is a beauty, Pat Heung propose marriage are wear out the threshold, but eventually even married father of such a family of many brothers poor nothing Montagnards.Grandma often mention the marriage can not help sigh, my mother said Bitter.Easily accessible from the bustling town to the mountains of occlusion and poor, from the favorable home conditions of life as a wife to a family’s daughter-in, from a very young girl to do farm work credits at a woman fighting for, not What is a mother to know through those days of.It was only my mother said: because you have brothers and sisters, I stick with it as hard day.I have seen black and white photo mother when young, dressed in that era of popular stand-up collar calico Pied Piper, two long braids, exquisite and delicate facial features, simple trace of vitality.Later, I get that picture studio to repair enlarged when the studio was very tide that guy saw the photo, not even conscious amazed that person in the photo looks beautiful, I also asked unfinished a stay on their store.Nightlife net in my mind, my mother is always a short hair, I have never seen a mother braids look.When I later asked why the mother does not have long hair, then how can there be free mother said go and get hair, short hair is easy, your father breadwinner outside, I would be busy during the day to earn work points, but also take care of you at night, etc. you sleeping, I had to mend them in the dim kerosene lamp.Mother is a typical wife and mother type of woman, the family is always clean and fresh.The way we dress is clean and tidy.And I also learned a lot from childhood etiquette and interpersonal lot of housework.Though I did not want her to be the kind of wife and mother type of woman, but the impact on my life indeed.    Unwittingly, the years of her Shuangbin dyed white, wrinkles has quietly climbed up her forehead, the children grow up, have to go outside to find their own world, and along with her, in addition to his father as well as the family that only the loyal big yellow dog.I once remember the first month’s wages to her, share his face shine smile when I use my winnings to buy her clothes and shoes, always complaining that I spend money.But I know that when I turned away, when someone comes home, those clothes and shoes to show the mother is the greatest glory, the share of overflow in the face of happiness and satisfaction that is truly from the heart.    Just so little time is always, more often we always excuse yourself busy, busy working, busy taking care of their children, who are busy busy doing nothing..Once upon a time, once in her heart the most sensible obedient daughter, but a moment of confused and lost, to make their lives out of the normal track..So, I also became a she never let go of worries, and I was still more impatient when her nagging, so they are often missed by hang up the phone or is not bother to plug her words.The mother never seemed to care about me those rude attitude, still well-meaning, in fact, I know my cruel.For mother’s love, those words stiff cold, as if that knife stab in her heart ‘.    But, in front of their children, the mother’s attitude is generous, is not concerned with her children and wayward collision, mother’s love, mellow fragrance is simple and minimalist, the mother, with her simplicity and kindness filled with wonder feel infiltrate our hearts.    In the mother’s eyes, my daughter.In the eyes of her daughter, my mother also.Whenever I see her face that innocent smile, sweet call, wayward spoiled, there was Duzhaoxiaozui when angry look, my heart is full of happiness thrown.But one day, I will become a mother like this now, my daughter will be my way now, but at that time, I went to my mother where to find it?Thought of this, my heart could not help but inviting a lot of sadness.And we can do that is in their lifetime treat them well, apart from what may be the most wonderful thing to repay this selfless love?    Mother’s Day, a holiday flat, but because my daughter sent this bouquet to life.Although the flower gradually dwindled, but those fragrance but never long charm, but a mother’s love is it not so, we grow up care, old flowers wilt in the heart Shihai cared about us when a young flower, but more often we are We ignore the love.    A slight breeze blowing, drifting fragrance bursts Ruoyouruowu tonight with my mother to sleep falling asleep the minute deep love, like this fragrance, filled without a break.

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