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Part One: In the old bus I boarded the bus, brush the card, turned to look at the cabin, the seats are occupied.Move back a few steps, a girl stood up immediately, the seat let out.I nodded thanks to her, seated.To be honest, I do not rejoice.I’d rather she did not seat, or, after a while let.She let the faster, the more proof of my “old” and Zhangming.If she read my glances, hesitate, do not move, I have at least a few seconds, immersed in the “escape unscathed,” the fluke.Based on this delicate psychological elderly, I only seat to the following categories of people: those who stick Zhu, walking difficult person, a human eye visible injuries.Ms. ranging between “very old” and “old”, if imposing, though not imposing, but jeweled or bearing, or apply cosmetics were too strong, determined not to allow it, unless you want to call her embarrassment.  I took a “special seat for the elderly”, which is one of the girls who hurried to get out of the grounds.Next to me and across from the elderly are sitting.A month ago the thought of his dyed hair sparse, the brown-black has faded, like a reed in the wind bleak gray, but also to admit, it has a bristling gray hair than a left hand, my Manner far worse.Fortunately, the right of the “Neighborhood” look of life spot, and looked stay wood, it might be better than me, and thus find a little peace of mind.Naturally, I compared myself old and ugly than the right of their own neighborhood had compassion.Yes, she’s my today is tomorrow – tomorrow if I have.  O hair is left unmixed white, to be sure, he did not use any type of hair dye.A layer of white dandruff on his collar and shoulders, and his dark blue jacket, rain or shine dual-use, making the dandruff particularly eye-catching white.The left adjacent to this and other minor unsightly things did not see it then, all the way to calm, the people cast indifferent eyes.  ’Give me just a girl, standing up again, just on the seat to the old lady’s car.I pay tribute to the girl far.Well, if we can be like her, instead of being let, how good!Today, the only law-abiding sat an old delusion was difficult to get people up, I stood up seat, good to satisfy my vanity.  Since hopeless situation, how “nice little too old” has become a priority.While I try not to look dandruff sitting next to him, while thinking.The first important to strengthen the self-examination.Yesterday I was crossing the road, the car actually come to my whistle, I Jizhi driver.I’m not a man rushed him, but cursing the bad habits – do not give way to pedestrians.However, Ma Wan discovered, too fast for me, out of the zebra crossing.The second is the tolerance.This is coming from introspection.”Old” means “the bridge over the road more than other people to go,” then walk across the bridge who make mistakes in the first of those, so be sure to understand the young mistakes.Third, the dust them off with the “old” feeling and dandruff.Why is it necessary for the “old” heart?His old freedom old, still live, over the “old” can not help you despise, you suddenly come to a blow, then, and then adjust the magnitude walk.But that is not to surrender, but and “old” peaceful coexistence.  So pondered, the car has to Pearl Plaza.Wandering off to see an ad – teapot exhibition, then detour to see, and ultimately did not buy.For this fourth element “old too pretty” – curiosity.    Part II: Bus On one occasion, I rode Nguyen Dinh Street marsh Guoqiang seven bus back to Ho Chi Minh City from Dinh Quan and Nguyen Dinh marsh This is a one-way traffic, buses left Guoqiang, a bus stopping after restart squeeze dispute over the line, refused to give the results of the rearview mirror Guoqiang passenger bus body draw a long scar, ear metal touch scratch Laer voice; people saw themselves immediately overturned belief, I am scared face such as earth tones and squawked.  The two sides emergency brake, stop and also retained on-site situation, I can only drilled out from the driver’s seat, but the two drivers standing on the sidewalk listening to a slanging match.Guoqiang driver said: “Mom, do you think they really do emperor car?”Bus driver retorted:” You do not have to ride roughshod Guoqiang car?Good to go.”Bus drivers of other vehicles to be ridiculed for the emperor car (XEVUA) In fact, not accidental.All cars in order to indicate how many seats according to the manufacturer involved in transportation, such as two, four, seven, nine, twelve, sixteen and twelve five largest passenger overcrowding they violate traffic laws!Can bus without seat restrictions, if filled, passengers can rest your hand held high standing clutching the ring, if rings no longer be arrested, just hanging iron grip ring and no not.Sauna empty net despite the bus stop, other vehicles would never dare to take a stay is only logical.Many of the streets is prohibited or turn right into the car, except for buses, even Tran Hung Road B segment consists Ruanzhi Fang Zhou Wenlian Street is a one-way street to the bus was able to reverse driving.It can be said: the transport sector to bus new light, given the numerous concessions, in fact, taking good care of the passengers.  2003 That year, I know a friend of mine said to investment management bus, he said: set a bus less than billions and can hire, if the passenger is too small, the minimum income is less than expenses, the government also received a government subsidies, I sit back and relax.  The fare per passenger was only another two, an old friend Ah Yao’s favorite cruising by bus straight Da Cu Chi, he said: air-conditioned car and open.  Ho Chi Minh City buses have been active for over a decade, passenger bus on the increase, more and more number of buses, I have personally experienced the taste of the crowded bus, I do not know whether the fare to only 6,000 passengers and more to do to watch out for pickpockets degree.  Dinh Quan of Mr. Wang Qisheng is my friend, he ran a bus line by a direct Lim Dong Nai Bien Hoa city, handed over to trusted Xiaojiu follow, profitable every month since Xiaojiu everywhere at once, the responsibility to pay the driver and conductor, business will plummet, if not impossible to do so, but fortunately make a transfer bus is still not fallen through.  Recently my friend Huang Decheng’s brother died in Dinh Quan, Ke Yi Tung Choi Village, Wong Ka Keung, Pingxue Ru came to offer condolences, I’ll wait for the night stay, claiming that they come back the next day with Ke Yi play mahjong together.  The next day, because very few buses to and from the two, yellow, Pinger Jun suggestion by bus, go down a crowded location to sit, ticket only fifteen thousand, arrived in Vung Tau bamboo bound for positive change to the No. 22 bus ticket thirty-five thousand Qian, though often stops to let passengers off, the speed can not slow.This bus line straight to oil drag, turn on refugee mountain of Xuan Loc, heading wide of the newly opened National Highway No. 56, allows you to enjoy unlimited scenery along the way, hinder arrive Yao City, not far from the village of Ke Yi Tung Choi.  Bamboo particularly positive bus No. 22 does not rest the middle position of the seat, for cargo, ignoring traffic rules!However, if time is not enough time, sustained by the owners declined is the norm, because the bus can not be mistaken to Times, the owner Tangbu hands like this, I am afraid that their money had paid with.

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