Sydney Chinese shops suffered frequent harassment police join forces arrested the wanted man

"There are three children broke into the store today, arrogant attitude, as if to grab something, or steal mobile phones and the like, we pay attention!"Two days ago, just after the business posted a reminder, after another four or five businesses also reflect: This three teenagers also came to his shop, 'pretending to ask the price' 'was discovered trying to steal something.'" opening curse " ……A Chinese female clerk detailed description of the scene at that time: the situation, causing the Chinese group members Ryde City-seok of vigilance。 Under his advice and help, businesses are immediately made contact with the police detective David Sweet。 Eventually, due to the face and identity of the suspects in line with previous cases feature, two of whom were arrested。 It is reported that at least one of them being wanted by the police。
It is understood that three teenagers are from West MtDruitt, the same as last month in the Sweet was arrested with another suspect。
Later, criminal detective Baker also expressed thanks to the proactive reported by Chinese businessmen Zhou Shuo。
Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

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