Goal pressure?Why birds violence Luo gone

When singing Mengjin Barcelona on all fronts, many Barcelona fans have not noticed, that half of the season is rolling ridicule fans La Liga goals?Romania's Paulinho, 16 consecutive games without a goal。
Paulinho how suddenly not scored?Barca there'll be without his position?He will not go on this sink?This is probably every concern Paulinho fans, I would like to ask a question。
The famous Spanish football reporter even said Segurola, Paulinho this performance, revealing his true level: "Paulinho has been overrated, he was a little good performance every time, will criticize him before someone brought counterattack people, but now we see the real time Paulinho。
"Before discussing the true level of Paulinho, let's think about it, do not buy Paulinho Barcelona, in order to score him do, let him do to kick Tiki Taka?The answer is obviously not,。
For the pursuit of personal technology and ornate style of Barcelona, the Paulinho like an alien, can even say, Paulinho Barcelona team at the foot of one of the most technologically rough, then why buy Paulinho Barcelona?Valverde's remarks may be able to make answer: "more attention to the position of the other players, he has that power, is the ability to plug in the back row, is the ability to take advantage of the positioning of the ball impact。 "It's like Valverde said, his strong defensive midfield, offensive positive forward runs, as well as the impact on positioning the ball in the offensive, which is lacking in most traditional place Barcelona。 So Paulinho Barcelona buy original intention, it is to him as an unconventional weapon to use。 Paulinho broke out early in the season in goal actually have a lot of chance。
In Dembele injured, in this particular case of insufficient Barcelona midfielder control, Valverde will Paulinho this unconventional weapon discharged into the Barcelona first team regular, and gave him a very big tactical freedom, encourage he went to the impact of the penalty area, the name of this center by half when midfielder player。 Coupled with Paulinho tireless running in the field and a positive attitude, let him gain a lot of goals。 However, Dembele injury, Coutinho joined the case, if Barca on goal Paulinho still need to contribute, it is really justified, so that it will spend 300 million euros injustice。 And after entering the second half of next season, Paulinho's role has changed, he has not, like the last half, so close to each other restricted area。 Past violence birds burst into the penalty area, and form a double center of Suarez, now basically out of sight。 Because there Dembele up front and Coutinho, who provide support for Macy Suarez, Valverde for Paulinho use has not before, violence birds do not have to assume the task of the impact of the restricted area。 In the last game against Bilbao game, Paulinho had hit the post, but is already a long-range shot from outside the box。 His previous eight goals, have occurred within the restricted area, even very close to a small area。
While away from the restricted area, Paulinho more and more to assume a defensive duties, in Barcelona against Chelsea in the second half Valverde put Paulinho, the purpose is to let him protect the middle, especially in the area before the area。 In the first leg, Barcelona is on the defensive because of the lack of this region, so that William often get scoring chances。 Dembele starting lineup and Roberto same could not locked into this mode of Chelsea, but after Paulinho played, his strong body and great defensive coverage, well locked into Chelsea to Barcelona this killer move。 This game is a microcosm Paulinho half of the season, with the adjustment of changes in tactics and personnel of Barcelona, Paulinho more kick and more like a midfielder, and in the defense, he is more close to the middle, offensive , will provide protection behind the strikers, and passing long-range opportunity to find opportunities。
Rather than as before, buried burst into the penalty area, looking for opportunities to attack。 Away from the restricted area and more defensive duties, naturally let Paulinho's a lot less Goals。
However, all is not to evaluate a player's goal, Messi in an interview, he said: "Evaluation of a player not only look at his goals, but also his participation in the court, to see how many times he touch ball, how many key passes, and at his feet lost the ball a few times。
Goals tend to cover up everything, blinded your eyes。 "For a midfielder, the only goal to evaluate him, obviously it is not fair。
In addition to the change in tactics, another point is that, Paulinho has been more than a year's time without a break, and from the beginning of February last year to now, Paulinho have no rest。
Such continuous high-intensity game, for every player is a test, Paulinho is no exception。
Long-term accumulated fatigue, the state of occurrence of ups and downs are inevitable。 In addition, "Aspen Daily" has reported, in January with the Spanish game, Paulinho injury to his right foot, but in the next game he has been playing with injuries, which also affected his state of the game。 In the case of Coutinho and Dembele gradually integrated into the team, the Barcelona conventional formation gradually changed back to 433, Paulinho will be more on the bench, but it is for Valverde , as unconventional weapons Paulinho, it is still one of the most indispensable role in Barcelona。 International Football Sina original column: On the other articles:。

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