Qiaqia new image: more stylish happier

Mid-1999 "Qiaqia melon seeds" on the market, a unique taste and innovation melon seeds grow into the first category brand。
2001 "Qiaqia small but sweet" on the market, leading consumer trend of small pieces of watermelon seeds to become the first brand in the field。 February 8, 2002 "Qiaqia" trademark by the State Administration for Industry as "Famous Chinese Trademark"。
October 15, 2003 "Qiaqia" brand rebranding and launch series of products, product category richer。 In mid-2006 China Brand Research Institute released the "100 most valuable Chinese Famous Trademark", the "brand to Qiaqia billion in brand value topped the 88。
2008 "Qiaqia ü strange taste" Guaiwei Dou market, loved by the majority of children and adolescents。 2005?2010 "Qiaqia" brand for six consecutive years won the "top ten well-known brand of roasted seeds and nuts first" title。 2010 "Qiaqia Gurkha squeak crisp" potato chips on the market, "non-fried and more healthy," the Gurkha squeak crisp potato chips, leading the "non-fried" potato chips new trend。 March 2, 2011 Qiaqia food listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China's first industry roasted nuts shares。 May 2011 "Qiaqia small and sweet" was identified as the Trade and Industry Bureau in Anhui Province, Anhui Province。
June 1, 2011 "Qiaqia" to launch the brand new image: more stylish, more fun。 "Qiaqia" brand to become a premium brand snack food industry。

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