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Chapter 99 finale
  After Fu is poor and take the plane back to a city, the first time to rush to the studio.
  When reaching the studio, the crew just call it a day, what with Gujiu An Su Yuan being said, the setting sun cast a glow softly, coated with a layer of warm yellow glow in on them, the picture looks harmonious and beautiful.
  Fu Yuan is poor and beckoned with the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union saw the Yuan, while continuing to discuss the movie with Gujiu An, while lightly nodded at him.Slightly askew indifferent look, fall Fu raw cold eyes, his heart sank..
  Su Yuan always feel that today with the past she was not the same.
  The sense of this idea aside, and strode to poor Fu Yuan Su went, I heard footsteps Gujiu An eye lift, see Fu is poor and his brow furrowed immediately pull down the face, around Su Yuan voice soft and calm :”You came.”
  Fu glanced Gujiu An needy, with Su Yuan said: “ate a meal of it.”
  Su Yuan nodded, then with Gujiu An said: “I go first.”
  Gujiu An: “I have not had dinner yet, with it.”
  Upon hearing this

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