Modeling, a Republican school uniforms, a KMT uniforms, each with its own charm, anyway, good looking, wear anything bigger way.

  When she finished it, Yang Meng guide is talking with drama star Shen Yang guide said: “I do not speak with you, so as not to disturb your understanding of the role itself, just to follow your own ideas.”
  Sheng saw Joe come out, waved at her, “Come on, Joe, we talk about drama.”
  Well, needless to say drama actor, she still needed.She sat in the past, Yang Yun took the script flipped through, she asked: “have read it?”
  Sheng Joe nodded: “‘ve seen before, carefully read it again last night.”
  Young pilot said: “stay up all night, right?Seen the like, Song Yuan this character is not difficult to grasp, I believe you can manage well.Probably the latter, she has shifted this thinking, you need more than doing something, try to figure out the role of the then state of mind.Especially when she decided to die, you think she is for love, or for the revolutionary cause and?”
  Sheng Qiaosi Cable said: “have it, I think you can not say what she was going to die, but she died in this way can only go.This is her dead end, but it is all the way out she anticipated.”
  Young pilot nodded approvingly: “It is this feeling.In fact, she has been living a very struggle, the KMT death sentence for her parents, her enemy, but in order to survive to their parents

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