Xu Hong looked at the contents of the letter that burned over, and also some funny.The speed is too slow to spread the message of some, but why did they want to spread the message among the ghost of it?

  ”The propagation velocity may not be anonymous letter you received fast.”Xu Hong said so, that this should be the job.
  ”I know, do not worry, they have spread like a.”Qin Bo’s tone was very calm.
  This is the only method left and right, even if more slowly, but also how what they?
  Hsu Hung did not ask once, so the next day but after experiencing familiar ghost took the message to convey to them, after I heard these ghosts are quite unexpected, after all these ghosts they are, most of all afraid of wits, not to mention more than wits more painful blew.
  So they have seen the evidence, that is, after a few weeks before the event to capture the spirit of jade body blew stay of twelve pieces, decided to believe the rhetoric, or even go out on the news that is put out, so we do not how to die know.
  As for the specific content of the message, of course, is to help a stranger recently errands Fearless ghosts, are somehow blew.
  These ghosts so concerned about this news thing, Qin Bo not yet know, he’s just work as usual, after work

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