On the line!Taito company since the issue of “Space Invaders”, I have not a very good work.Although it is still considered to be the big game companies, but in fact has some lack of confidence.”

  Li Xuan and knocked on the beat with your fingers, continue their analysis.”We can appropriate for handfuls Taito company, and it has entered into a conspiracy of silence to.Namco club last year I bought the copyright of “Pac-Man” game, then the game in the United States and Europe, a big seller.So far sales have exceeded one hundred and twenty thousand units, they certainly angry vomiting blood!
  But Namco’s president Masaya Nakamura is a very cool old man, presumably will not be swayed by personal feelings.As long as we can get enough support gaming companies, showing their strength, and not be too hard to convince him!As Sega’s Hayao Nakayama should be as you say, we hated to.
  After the rise of our company is their biggest hit.So Sega must be placed at the end.As long as all of the other companies have agreed to form Practitioners Association, if he refused to give in.Sega may be a direct threat to exclude Association!”
  Du Wenjiang nodded, compared to the Japanese market.The United States is much easier to get now than the US market in addition to Atari and not particularly powerful gaming company.Later the famous Sierra Entertainment was a family workshop, Electronic Arts (EA) has not even set up.The Atari FC game due before containment failure, prestige in the gaming industry in America has been greatly shaken, Eastern and game companies have qualified it as an equal.
  Founded Suppliers Association is a self-discipline

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