Actually propose mostly destroyed.

  Mu child star and she no longer nonsense, succinctly: “do not take off clothes off?”
  Cheng dual deliberately misunderstood what she meant: “take off.Wait a minute how you want to take off on how off.”
  ”.”Mu angry child star pulling on her collar:” Anyhow, I design for so long, you do not want to know that the wedding would be like to wear it?”
  ”.I want to see you wear.”
  ”I have outgrown.”
  Cheng Ning with double Mu child star’s eyes, or not to wear the meaning of Mu child star no way, leans her ear what whispers, face more red.
  Finally, the bottom hard drive wipe bright eyes: “Really?”
  ”Ok.”Mu anxious child star pushed her palm:” So you do not wear wear?”
  Cheng Mu son took double star sat her: “Do not worry, I’ll help you put on this suit say.”
  Let Mu Cheng double child star to help her faded clothes, but also to help Muslim child star to wear clothes, eyes and lips during the exchange has taken off, two people are not too busy.
  Mu Cheng et son double put the star-designed wedding dress, it has passed more than one hour.
  Mu child star eyes Shui, the mood completely out of marriage proposal.
  The window is the city’s night scene, the new national hotel is ideally situated, overlooking the beauty in the eyes, and

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