"Chicken Soup text" hiding behind high-yield industrial chain built to bring misleading advertising

  The reason why people believe and forward bored, because these "chicken soup" fit certain psychological needs。 For example, the elderly concerned about health tonic, disease prevention misfortunes like "chicken soup text", mostly poor health, illness little pain with age and continue to emerge, or there is some lack of knowledge of the structure of some pseudo-scientific articles lack of reasonable judgment; some young women prefer such as "how to make her husband obedient" and "how to master the family's financial power" and other articles, mostly not very confident or mental anxiety……"Chicken Soup text", "nutritious" people's needs, and the needs of people in turn stimulates the "Chicken Soup text" in batches, on a large scale, to industrial development, in a sense creating a vicious cycle。   In fact, the "Chicken Soup text" In addition to manufacturing spam, built-in misleading advertising will bring even itself is dressed in the cloak of positive energy scam。
There are a number of media have reported that there are users for "chicken soup" and deceived, and even attracted the case of telecommunications fraud。
  In fact, the "Chicken Soup text" Network only "explosion of this paragraph" a, whether it is eye-catching title, or making a fuss, content posturing, in essence basically similar, are made of a special micro-channel public number or APP and other platforms creation and distribution, forwarding articles with ads can get into。 Some media have reported that every forward or Tap once to get 1-6 cents, while a 100,000 + articles, forwarded gray income of about 30,000 yuan platform available。
To put it plainly, write "chicken soup" of the people not to let you, "encouraged", "suddenly", but also let you sell you helped count the money。   Admittedly, most of the "Chicken Soup text" is not "nutrition", or even just "liquid food" – was written to get traffic chicken soup, after the money, which cares Hongshuitaotian!Thus, containment "sour chicken soup", "Flow text" to prevent deception, should become the consensus of the information platform, users and relevant departments。
  To this end, the authorities have to act, such as micro-channel official's announcement, said it would punish the behavior of certain inducers; February last year, SAIC also carry out rectification work, the first time the new regulation as a key target media accounts。 We look forward in the near future, be able to keep up with the appropriate supervision and better at the same time, the user's own ability to identify and awareness of fraud prevention can be making great strides。
  Online some "anti-chicken soup," the text: If today "chicken soup" to deceive you, do not be sad, do not cry, because the "Chicken Soup" will continue to deceive you tomorrow。
I hope people can learn to distinguish between true and false and wrong, let this "Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow is so great," the "arsenic" a little less, a little less。

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