A top quality, it can only be regarded as the average height of seven meters.

  On the appearance and Mo Shijie Mei though not quite, but definitely claim to be a beauty.
  White leaves this requirement so that they somewhat shy, but just to show off their body only, and not to do anything out of things, how we resist Actually, it’s.
  In accordance with the requirements of white leaves stand in a row, remarks situation is really extremely spectacular, just like as in the model show.
  After the leaves white record a video, go call the self-serving.
  ”Big, Big Brother you call me, is not specified, no good thing.”
  Phone speed street language quickly, presumably not play on the computer that is playing mobile phone.
  Ye white smile, “how do you know it’s not a good thing?My friend computer is broken, allow you to repair a computer.”
  Street language almost crash, “I said brother you know, I know what identity?I divided a few minutes, a few million down, you let, let me go to repair the computer?”
  White leaves him with no nonsense, straight-cut screen later sent him a video.
  ”Look at it, this is the place to repair the computer.”
  Probably silent for a few seconds, and then came the sound of street language stutter

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