Fu raw cold just want to say anything to stop, Su Yuan flatly refused and said: “another day.”

  Gujiu An also know that when the light bulb is bad, heard this, bitterly touched his nose, was called away suddenly thought of a phone call Huoting Chen, if Huoting Chen still, just the two of them frustrated people can drink alone together.
  Damn, my heart really fuckin sick.
  Su Yuan did not know Gujiu An mental activity, with the raw cold Fu went to the restaurant for dinner, because there is something that she eat much, nor how to speak, Fu raw cold aware of, paused, rubbed smoked napkins mouth, whispered: “how?”
  Su Yuan looked up at him, his lips moving slightly, somewhat hesitantly.
  Fu for the needy as ever quiet gentle eyes, Su Yuan took a deep breath, determined and said: “Not long ago I received a phone Huo Zhihui.”
  Huo Zhihui?
  Fu is poor and nodded slightly, indicating Su Yuan went on.
  Su Yuan bow pondered a moment, some heavy tone: “Huo Zhihui said on the phone, you are bound to find someone.Her naked and photographed frame.Photo.”
  Fu is poor and has always been careful to do these things, Huo Zhihui impossible to know, except season Anya told her, that moment his heart can not help but regret, the old saying goes tottering foe

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