Revenge, she must seek refuge with the KMT.She tried to be strong, train hard himself, but because it was sent to an ability to perform tasks of the KMT, doing things contrary to Honganji.She has been pushed forward to go, she did not own way.Yu Dongfeng until she discovered that the KMT in the tracing of underground, she wanted to protect Yu Dongfeng, not only because she loved him, only he was alive, just in order to win, the only other victory of justice, her parents considered avenged.”

  ”From a naive schoolgirl who do not understand things, and by the mid of the KMT spies, then to the final generous to die, she along the way, everywhere is a dead end, only the last to die, is her only way out.”
  Sheng Joe emotion: “Yu Dongfeng rescued her, she just hope I’m alive only.”
  Young pilot smiled: “At that time, live is the most extravagant thing.”
  Stars such as Meng Shen calm makeup shoot, post-fix map, has been offline for a long time, “East Wind Breaks” the official blog has finally once again on the line, released the new male and female calm makeup, to the crew disbanded netizens spread rumors of a heavy hammer.
  Actor Shen Meng Star?Winner of the TV series is back?
  Actress Sheng Qiao?FML is how she holds the winner thigh?
  Besides, Sheng Joe recently in the film is not “willing to monthly flow Zhao Jun” it?Black powder were immediately react, a coax

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