Chair, Lin students to sit on him.

  Yao Ji ceremony breathing becomes heavy, “life and life, the last time that you sit on me”
  Forest Health held his face, Qinliaoyikou, “good” words just spill serrated edge, gifted with some eagerly forest close to him, Yao Ji ceremony to appease hug hug him, then drawer and took out supplies slowly do the preparatory work.
  Lin-sheng has been against his chest, forbearance can not stand when his collarbone in a small bite, they could not bear myself, but also painfully licked.
  Forest Health distended uncomfortable, “Ji brother”
  Yao Ji ceremony cajole him, “this slowly, do not worry, or else they gonna hurt you, is that I feel bad.”
  Lin was born in his chest and rubbing.
  Yao Ji ceremony suddenly said:
  ”Sang Sang, last time I realized that I never seem your signature.”
  Forest Health grumbling: “It’s time to say what signature ah.”
  Yao Ji ceremony eyes suddenly deep, “signed mouth on me, OK?”
  Forest Health journeying looked at him, then leaned forward and kissed his Adam’s apple, soft tongue painted characters.
  Yao Ji ceremony finally heard in his ear a low magnetic bang, “it.”
  Lin-sheng shifted forward a little, and sat down.
  Because it is face to face, the office light and very good, throwing

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