Was trampled in the foot, inevitably gives a sense to the smug.

  Cheng double temperament cold, the pale white wedding dress yarn manage very well, her body no one not elaborate, except her face.
  She did not laugh laugh.
  Mu child star beckoned the process called double balcony here.
  White wooden benches placed where arch built a nest made of vines and flowers, Mu Cheng double shoulder against child star, and pulled out a ring from the suit pocket and handed her: “Well.”
  Cheng took the double nature, funny: “This is a marriage proposal?”
  ”No mood.”
  Cheng double echo: “I am old couple, still seeking what marriage.”Saying this went straight to wear the ring.
  Mu child star held her wearing a ring right hand, and his right hand on a piece, against the dark sky, bright light shining diamond pieces, her mouth unconsciously raised.
  Angry voice: “You’re just too old.”
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