After more than five years, he spent all nine desire.

  ”Just when I spent nine desire it, I hope you do not take your annoying thing when you’re a lifelong career.”XIA Xiao away know the original may not understand great truths, but on the balance of life and death, he wants to indulge themselves, we must aggrieved mother.His mother paid so much, she took out of this life struggle resources, raised him from his birth to his cultivation, now grown up, full-fledged, I selfishly want to put aside her mother’s expectations, to go its own the way, are very heavy psychological pressure and shackles.
  Twenty-five go to engage in mathematics, and perhaps very late.
  The nine desire is nothing but an excuse, but at best it is to increase the motivation to change, as expectations do not really want to put aside the mother, carrying her pressure, he went in life you want, it should be original Xiao own decisions.
  Nine wishes, XIA spent breath away.
  Xiao did not say what the original.
  He stood downstairs, no one who urge to go, stood quietly for a moment.XIA away until the phone sent a message tone, broke this quiet.
  Original Xiao raising his hand, always teetering on the coat and did not really fall

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