Look back from the puddles of cigarettes, he asked: “.What are you doing here?”

  ”When you.”Zhangzi Xian said.
  ”wait for me?”Yu Pei mention mouth, uttered a noncommittal chuckle.
  ”I think a lot of excuses, but forget.”She smiled and said:” I know you do not need an umbrella will not get drunk, but I just want to wait for you.”
  Yu Pei eyes fell on her hand holding silver machine on fire, he said: “The bad throw up.”
  Zhangzi Xian copy machine fire into the bag, smiled and said: “This is the first time we met, that you borrow my lighter.”
  ”.So you still receive interest waste.”
  She turned a blind eye to his mocking words, Wangle Yan Yu Pei feet of mud was splashed shoes, said: “You came halfway off of it?”
  He said sarcastically: “Do you think it might?You Da Lala standing here, afraid of being seen paparazzi?”
  ”You see what I’m afraid?”Zhangzi Xian smiles.
  Yu Pei really have not seen this woman afraid of what.
  ”What do we stand here?”She asked..
  ”Waiting for the bus.”
  ”You do Bentley?”She laughed.
  Yu Pei looked at her coldly.
  Rain absorbed the rotating door in brightly lit distant spread

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