"Silk Road Metro" had become the Horgos-Kazakhstan Cooperation Demonstration Zone

Kim billion Horgos International Trade Co., Ltd. has become one of the major exporters of fruits and vegetables in Xinjiang, trade volume increased significantly in recent years, and now, over five times the volume has been 5 years ago。  He from Baoding Liu Liming She has been five years in the business cooperation center, and from a fur shop was originally developed to run the two fur shops and two duty-free shops, business has been good。
He told reporters this year, plans to open a further increase in duty-free shops, and the construction of cross-border electronic business platform。
  Reporters on the 22nd-Kazakhstan Cooperation Center in the Chinese area to see businessmen from Central Asia to pick their favorite Chinese small commodities, drive back to the afternoon。 They have in their own country stores, and then high-quality Chinese goods sold to its own people。
  According to Horgos customs statistics, Sino-Kazakhstan Horgos International Border Cooperation Center since April 2012 formal operation as of February 2018, a total of regulators out of the district staff of 17 million people, the trade volume of more than 200 billion yuan, average annual growth% and%。 (Finish)。

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