”You, I assure you, brothers are in trouble, I will be when the two go through anything, it is the quiet pool, which I, which in the past.”
  Street language rapid hang up the phone, leaves white even hear the sound of his shoes quickly, in accordance with the mood unfamiliar language at this time, it is estimated no access to two hours to get to it.
  Ye Jin Mo Mo white heart Yu, Cao And that is given to the repair, four people waiting in the office.
  Cao Xiu could have been very dismissive of white on the leaves, but also know that this guy actually hear street language, it touches on so he had to prevent, and if it leaves white CRAWFORD really know something about technology, and today things also it really is not easy to handle.
  ”Well, anyway, the company also has a stake in my twenty percent, I can not let a computer repair company come to my software fucks together, and I think it is called the god of the south wind last night is better.”
  I do not know how or guilty, Cao Xiu actually take the initiative to invite the god of technology.
  To say he was concerned about the company’s prospects, it is the heart of Mo Yu absolutely do not believe.
  White leaves lightly, “street language for a while to come, you do not bother.”
  Cao Xiu Lengheng heard, “You really do not hit the brick wall does not look back, the source code is not lost

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