I listen to Niangshui, my Dear husband kid would not love to laugh, who are funny wood with a face, very boring.”

Kim “Puchi” laugh: “That is the big brother had never been seen can not see you, or probably already laughed, anyway, now is not how love to laugh, for you will laugh.”
Jiang Chu small blushed, but added there is a bit less proud, but somewhat sad and said: “If our future children born to the same boring temper with him, then how can we do?”
“Rest assured, you have such a temper escape the mother, the child must have no way boring, said the son with the mother, just like you certainly lively!”
Jiang Chu was more worry: “What if you are a daughter, would not her daughter with father?Girls every family all day in a face plate also capricious temper, how can marry out?”
Not enough time outside the house of a person and his face black as bottom of the pot, he co-authored on such a shameful?Even a child can not do anything with him had to give her a little face swollen into a bitter gourd face?
“I do not know that I’d actually unbearable to the point where, really make life difficult for you..”
Yao Ji come in black face.

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