the original body back little town, live a long time, people who know too much when they are on holidays, but also often went to visit a friend of the ori杭州桑拿ginal body, every visit, for Pei Xiangdong, is like It is the difference between a knife in my heart.

  Know aunt made laugh Yan Yan: “Our family Xiaofang, recently graduated from the kindergarten reporting performance, come, I show you photos.”She happily took out a whole this album, rummaging inside the child’s picture.
  ”Xiaofang to see overhangs, perhaps later it can become an artist!”Join the original body is completely unknown son behind, heard this sting.
  ”Hey, let alone our family Xiaofang, nothing compared to the east, I heard people say it, to the east now do well, very good!Probably what later became the cutting-edge talents!”
  Original body immediately Rocker: “How can he, ah, not!The child pride, and careless, side branches, he has several courses hamstrung badly, now is a comprehensive accounting cheaper on average than ot苏州桑拿网hers of his handicap, if not pay attention to his point, for sure being pressed past.”
  .Ah, he knows, he knows.A child, he would immediately argue for themselves – and then meet Dad storm camel criticize his bad manners, social etiquette I do not know, and now he has been accustomed to receiving.In short, anyone, in my father’s mind, anyone better than him.
  In junior high school, parents often begin “Eight Immortals, recount”, they inquire about the various methods of extra points, they urge the child to do, where sports, is a popular one, even if it is not true, It can also be used as a workout.
  Pei Xiangdong very like running, from the very beginning, he is always himself and from school – the county public security is very good, the key to a child never a lot, he likes running all the way home, like when happy, Sahuan ran, unhappy 北京夜网when, they went to their own sweat.Physical test scores overhangs, the sports teacher offered an olive branch to him, Experimental High School A cou

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