nty is a leg leng杭州夜网论坛th of the name, student exams, can sports, art competitions Nabuchushou, even the annual county and municipal Games are on the lower end, a physical education teacher was frantically looking to find a seedling, a good Pei Xiangdong see talent, they took him into the school team.

  After entering the school team, he was li上海419同城对对碰ke a duck, although not very professional physical education teacher, related to specific training given, in the opinion of professionals are expert, through a mess, but it can also allow Pei Xiangdong results by leaps and bounds, his high school students in the county Games, the direct took a grand slam, 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters champion all-inclusive, all the way to school with middle school students broke into the Games, therefore, be off patrol provincial team coach Wang, a glance then it is just like the book says, like Wang coach hard all the stops, Pei Xiangdong often beg my father, but failed to convince each other.
  Then the original body, and Pei Xiangdong said so to say: “Do you know how many people you home?More than a billion people, so many years, was a trapeze, and the rest, no more.Do not lis深圳桑拿网ten to the teacher fool you, how can there be so many talented people?You will not do, when to go to the City team provincial team, and want to come out, be difficult!”
  ”But Dad, I really love running, but coach Wang also told me that I was very talented.”He first time, the idea for their own heart, in front of his father, firmly tell their own voices.
  ”Like what’s the use, you do not have this capability.”The original body in earnest,” Have you seen our side, it’s an Olympic champion?Did not even have a National Games champion, you look on TV, most runners are black-skinned people, not people say you row on the line, you can not, you heard dad, step by step study hard, after He wants to find a job, running this thing, and we could not beat the eight-pole!What talent, are deceptive joke.”
  He does not think

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