the world is only readi北京桑拿ng this road, you know, they nurse in the department, as well as secondary school background, it is not still get a few thousand pieces is not a problem, it can run, too vague a!How he looked, not feel what the people have their own son’s place, how could it?Original body identified, they did not intend to modify their own ideas, he did not even intend to see his son run a step – not that run it?What catches your eyes?Not be necessary!

  In front of his firm, Pei Xiangdong Wang coach and had to choose to give up, after all, Pei Xiangdong still minors, they can not do their own master; Moreover he is not so strong-minded, or rebellious teenager, childhood and his father had each other, subconsciously listen to the words of my father.
  Then Pei Xiangdong is like the father said, step by step alive, he quizzed the school to the city, aga苏州夜网in excellent results admitted to the?Provincial Medical University, the extension of the father painting a good way to become a doctor, of course, even so, his life, they will inevitably attentive father’s urging.
  ”You have to work harder ah!What titles had to keep up with, or what means you compete with othe深圳桑拿网rs?You do not think he is still good, good people of the world more to go!”” Your new board paper?I have read, but you made this journal is not enough authority, the integration is not high, the next time you try something else good journals, as well, this topic does not work, then next time as appropriate discretion.”” Do you want to talk, they have to draw good from others, to the best state to prepare, you do not think people you talk to do is to recognize you, now it is only your great reputation Bale!Probably people do not recognize what you think.”
  Original body always said, even if his son have been married, have children, and still do, watching his son continues to progress at their own encouragement, he is quite satisfied.
  The original body of his life regarded as satisfactory, career, reputation is

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