outstanding, the pursuit of medical treatment, can be considered a successful outcome.The family, although after the divorce his wife, guarding his son had finished half, it would not be how lonely, his son inherited his mantle and become a good doctor, and later have a wonderful family, and how he regrets what?He was very happy.

  I di广州桑拿网d not expect, a disease of the Pro old, call all of his ideas have been broken.Older people, the body inevitably problems everywhere, he accidentally Yishuai, fell directly to their hospital, elderly and unable to surgery, though barely able to take care of themselves, but also had to be troublesome son, daughter improve care, Fortunately, her son in the hospital, every day after work, you can rest directly to the ward, by the way also can talk with him, time of day, and more nurses are entrusted to look after, not too much trouble to others.
  He bored in the ward – the number of small hospitals intelligent television, he also often see Sports, watching various competitions, when the right to pass the time.He unexpectedly found every time as long as the broadcast category to run the game, son always look motionless, staring at the TV, even not willing to blink.
  He remembered the past, joked: “You look, now run the country, so there is one or two, then I say you can not run, it is not wrong?”
  Did not want the original body, he casually this one, have to get his son’s heart was almost out of control, Pei Xiangdong looked at him, suddenl苏州桑拿y spoke up: “If I do line?”
  He laughed: “How can the event?No it is no.”
  Peixiang Dong did not say anything, just smiled embarrassed – if indeed it has?He was concerned for a very long time domestic achievement of the tournament, after the information age, the network is well-developed, most of the information can be searched, he did not do it so?Until now, watching on television who enjoy running, he still will miss – running time, really happy.
  When the doctor is really a good choice, he is also do

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