ing北京桑拿 very good, but this is not what he wants, he was the dead of night, the biggest regret, did not own in the same year, determined to persist, tell Dad, even if you I can not say, I would like to try, at least, I want a chance to try.

  That night, Pei Xiangdong hospital party, he drank a lot of wine, drunk returned to the ward, he sat in a chair bedside of the original bodyOn, stared at his father, suddenly smiled and laughed and cried, saying wine there is truth, wine Zhuang counsels people gall, is probably the reason, once keeping everything inside, then could not help but want to pour, shake shake him Akira sat instability, sentence by sentence saying:
  ”Dad, I’m in your heart, so it is useless?From small to large, you have been telling me I’m wrong, I can not, even if I work hard again, not all praise, I really have enough to fight, then it can be?”He laughed dignitaries uncomfortable,” then you still look at me and say, Pei Xiangdong, you are a useless son, what do you do bad.”
  ”Starting with memory, until now, I have not heard you praise me one, in front of outsiders, I’ve no face, you always tell them, look, my son did not excellent.Shut th佛山桑拿e door yet?Still the same, no matter what I do, you can always find faults.”
  He looked at my father grow old, forty years, and he is father of the man when the man, but he was still brooding: “My friends, classmates, teachers, relatives.So many people say I’m not that bad, can be in your heart, I will always be the worst that.Dad, I love running, the king of the coach he did not lie to me, and later in college, I met him back, I ran showed him!He said I can do it!”
  Original body lying in bed, stared at his son, could not say a word, he always felt that the child is deserve it the discipline, how can it boast?Boast more tail to Alice to heaven, how can you regard such of it?Pei Xiangdong course, is a good boy, but he did not praise export Bale.
  How it is so it?He can not give their own answers.
  ”It’s life, even if I

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