fame, in my father’s eyes, it is a special What a waste.”Pei Xiangdong rarely cry, he sat there, dripping with tears, embarrassed look.

  ”I.”Original body would like to speak, was surprised to find his son playing snore, Jiujin a result, the people sleeping in the past, he lay flat, the brain’s thoughts more and more chaotic, so tomorrow just want to say, no one thought, how can so many in this world do tomorrow?I do not know is bad winter weather, night or by too much stimulation, his brain hemorrhage, died the next day directly.
  Pei Xiangdong believes is his father mad, lose, and when his father farewell, near his father’s coffin, shouted themselves hoarse, said: “Dad, you did wrong, my life, be regarded What the hell.”He walked to the moment of his father, that still did not get a compliment.
  Dark space, the man finished 天津夜网these eyes have tears, he was a little bit to tell their own aspirations: “You admire him for me, he is a good boy, he has done a good enough.”He paused, the body has begun gradually to disappear,” there.If he is so fond of running, let him try it!Probably, he can do it?”What he suddenly realized that smile out loud, to 南宁夜网the last moment, he subconsciously, still skeptical of the east, even a little confidence, do not give him.
  The fall of the South, with its own color, even if often write books and autumn leaves were gone, can this boundary, but the tree is still lush, green are everywhere, if there is a windy weather, the ground will only have a few small pieces of leaves.
  Small town always has its own rhythm, and perhaps not so well-developed economy, the total can leisurely.
  A County Experimental High School, regarded as one of the best schools in the county, several times the past few years and the transformation of enrollment, holds many lessons for the old campus is charged to do high school, new junior high school students, the suburban school to middle school.
  The center position of the middle school, is a full circle of plastic杭州桑拿 t

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