then, is to test a wooden club out.

  Ruan afternoon people go to work inside the home only Nguyen rain and Zhou Xiuying two, however, the family did not quiet down, a youth educated youth points to the waves, the first point to the educated youth Tang Wenbin, Tang Wenbin Yuan Cheng and green is a group of educated youth to come, this man does not process Yuan Qing solid work hard, and soon the villagers seven mingled a Pass village.
  Tang Wenbin, it was a frail man, scholar, the hand can not mention it, the shoulder can not pick, to a seven-Pass Village for several years, but still weak inferior to seven Pass village inside the big girl capable, he was living in rural areas to torture afraid to dream He wants to return to the city.
  In places when I heard that old Ruan before that silly girl hands of a University of peasants an苏州龙凤网d soldiers, he could be mad, immediately clean up all the valuable things he did not say in the educated youth point, he sent a letter back to the family so the family quickly give him money, he needs to clear the relationship.
  At home before the money has not arrived yet, Tang Wenbin deliberately last time to the county to buy a white shirt to wear in the body, the hair mousse play high erected, the people are packed neatly future, they Ruan went to the old.
  Tang Wenbin this gave birth to the good, the unwinding ordered, had to add seven to nine to go, according to Tang Wenbin this condition, seven Pass village do not know how many of the little girl on his dark heart Xu.
  However, his people have been endured, he did not want to take root in rural areas, but in the year of disappointment, he already did not adhere to the original,深圳桑拿网 no matter tie is not rooted in the countryside, if he could have the opportunity to return to inside the city, you can pay all costs.
  Tang Wenbin came, Nguyen rain courtyards positive side, two hens to feed the family,Zhou Xiuying afternoon to let her mother hen to grab some wild leaves, she was surprised 都市体验网to fi

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