rack, just when the summer again on the color, the runway had been some dark marks and numbers became clear, a visible, now is the afternoon of the last class temporary school, playground there is only so a dozen students, mostly school team, was requisitioned in total extra-curricular activities of the teacher in the class, you can still have the privilege motion down.

  ”East, how do you?”Just finished a lap around the playground boy propped leg pant, looked down at the partners, on his forehead full苏州夜网 of sweat, drops drip down, the white uniforms, but also because of sweat appear deep and shallow.
  ”It’s nothing.”Pei Xiangdong lying on the ground, stared at the sky trance, as if thinking about some things.
  He Xiaoliang breathe the air straight to friend held out his hand: “Get up, dirty clothes lying, etc..”Although I can see a friend in a bad mood, but he did not hardcore Jiedi habits,” or else.I invite you to drink?”As long as drinks with carbonated drink, it can always become less trouble.
  ”Come on.”Pei Xiangdong grabbed a friend’s hand, pulled a direct stand up, two teenagers, either side, walking together side by side, that went to the fence –
  Yes, the fence, not the door, A County Experimental High School in recent years more and more strict management, the school door that day, there will be special supervi淡水桑拿sion of students and teachers, with a pair of Hawkeye to check students’ hands, exposed backpack, not allowed to have resolved slip through the net, to smuggle prohibited items the students into the school, of course, this kind of prohibited items on more to go, drinks, snacks were in it.
  There are policies, there are countermeasures, once the students complain old style, no fashion sense of the broad movement uniforms, and now it has become a tool for hiding things, if not really pick a hand, no one will know that a trouser pocket, a coat, you can put down several large packet of crisps.Even if true “illegal” do not come in, as well as “smuggling” app

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