roach, like this –

  Give all schools the fence painted white, the lower half is flat flat stick, on top is carved with sharp corners, in the middle there is a gap, enough to arm a section for adults.
  ”The owner.”He Xiaoliang screaming, he wore a little curl, do not know what people think is the natural volume, but that is actually paid for, his long arms and thin, through the railing waving energetically gap,” two bottle pulsation!”Hand still clutching a ten-dollar bill, with the wind dancing.
  Fence at this angle, is the giant of “smuggling dens”, directly opposite is a row of grocery store, in the head to stationery, snacks, drinks; next to toys, household items, everything, the school’s policy, it can be said to their profits plummet, they also had to Quxianjiuguo, helping students to transport things.
  ”coming.”Head o深圳桑拿网f a grocery store the most sharp-eyed wife, she shook his hand, took a black plastic bag, put Wang Litou a beverage containers, they quickly ran across the road, went to the wall side, crunching, also no greeting, straight back left.
  ”Here.”He Xiaoliang the pulsating handed over, in fact, he drank drink this stuff does not come out, just hearing a lot of propaganda language, movement over a bottle of sports drink pints, of course,” Remember, today is your brother please.”He and Pei Xiangdong are peers, that is, two months before and after the difference between the two, but he has been on the identity of his brother’s heart, repeatedly tried to persuade Pei Xiangdong call him a bright brother.
  ”What brother.”Pei Xiangdong go out into the open mouth filling drinks, fresh from the fridge out, with sweet water mingled with that 深圳桑拿网kind of Icy Fresh, VIP look cool to the heart,” next time I ask you.”
  ”cut.”No fool can cry brother, He Xiaoliang quite lost, can quickly rallied, and clutch Pei Xiangdong shoulder, walking chatter,” Do not happy, is not bad test?”He can not think of another reason to worry, you can also feel strange, but every day Pei Xian

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