gdong be hung on the school honor roll Pa class people, junior high school two years know, we had not seen his missed test.

  Pei Xiangdong rare low, looking for a place to sit on the podium playground, here for sunshine: “Not because of poor results.”
  ”That could’ve got any problems.”He Xiaoliang very carefree, he has always been poorly on the test, and his family has long been said, such as high school, I went to learn the language, time to go abroad to study, swearing, and he is now in junior high school mix, mixed with a junior high school diploma Bale.He did not worry about, such as Pei Xiangdong, what is not happy.
  ”You said.”His mood today extraordinarily low.
  ”Say what?”He Xiaoliang very funny,” you say to the comic section?”
  ”You said I was not very bad?”One word can turn eight hundred laps heart.
  ”what?”He Xiaoliang choked a big mouth, chin, neck, choking him are all just out of the water, his face filled with disbelief,” Wait, my bad ear?what did you say?”
  ”I was not particularly bad?Nothing?”
  ”.”He Xiaoliang side wiping body of water, while unable to control his facial expressions want Tucao,” Ar苏州夜网e you kidding me?Like space is often said, the school exam, Pa said he flunked out, learn residue exam up and said he blew it, but it finally learn Pa or first, slag or reciprocal learning?”
  ”No, I mean really.”
  He Xiaoliang same Pei Xiangdong look right, for a long while, he can not help but take a step back: “Do you really feel bad?”The other side look very serious, sad eyes uncomfortable is not fraud,” Are you crazy yet?”
  He incoherent up: “Come on, you’re all right I Qinge?Hall of Fame you look at it, we are beginning a three-year period a total of a thousand students, are you under my mom came to my parents’ meeting each year, passing the time I had to say a few words, said if I could be like you , why should she give me find a way out?Besides sports bar, although we are into the same school team, you’re the coach of the a北京夜网pex treasure, which he plac

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