ed in her hand treasure, you fear fell pain, we do these goof specialist?They are not even look at a.”

  ”If you are my mother’s child, she estimated that get you up for all!You actually say they bad!”He Xiaoliang amount of help,” If you bad, I guess that was not born!”
  ”.Mayb北京体验网e.”His head down, side of the podium is trees, shadow reflected in the face,” I’m all right.”
  ”Nothing really?”He Xiaoliang sat beside Pei Xiangdong,” Do not try ah!This is the genius and the mortal troubles, we poor mortals do not worry about it!You will see the world worried about their not good enough.”
  Pei Xiangdong should laugh crammed heart of stagnation but did not get relief: “ah, I know.”
  This is not a “genius of trouble”, but filled his life, daily, confusion – even if pushed hard, that person may not be able to get the recognition you want, perhaps, should not necessarily use the word, but certainly not.
  ”Yes the east, you do not go to the provincial team ah?”He Xiaoliang curious, but also worried about him,” But you managed to get so good at home should not agree to it?If I do not, like, my mom sent me to definitely ca南宁夜网n not wait.”
  ”talk later.”Pei Xiangdong softly should, the problem is not in him to do well or bad, but my father never felt that he has the ability to be able to participate in the competition”, in fact,.I have no talent.”
  ”You in the end how today?”He Xiaoliang looked at each other suspiciously,” What no talent?You will not even have to break the city’s record!I heard and provincial records are similar, and even if this is not how it talent?Besides, I did not find someone else to coach Wang ah?Staring at you look for, that we ordinary people, even the people’s eyes are not enough.”
  He listened He Xiaoliang, then only left my heart smile – even Xiao Liang, also think he can do it, why not listen to what my father?That he is running bad, or feel.He did not place the line.
  ”Pei doctor, who coaches the king again.”Probe triage n深圳桑拿网urse came in, an afternoon clini

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