c is over, Pei Naochun will, as usual, to clean up their own stuff in the office.

  Wang coach this time to almost every day, even the triage nurse saw him, can call out his name,南宁夜网 they all kind of curious, in the end the coach Wang Pei doctors find anything, but the homes of gossip, well ask.
  ”Ah, you let him in..”
  Triage nurse surprised a moment, turned out – and this is rare, a few days before, Pei doctors do not how to entertain people, to go out directly.
  Coach Wang a nurse call, they also com北京夜网e in at once, he dressed in a tracksuit, holding folders, some little beer belly, but not too fat, he hurried in, his face full of laughter: ” Pei Doctor, are you free today?”Sports C province, almost by water projects hold up half the sky, as if they engage in this kind of track and field, simply not taken seriously, which is why the sight of good seed, because they got the idea of extra.
  ”.Ok.”Pei Naochun pressing the attitude of the original body, ask them to sit down, and from behind the kettle, then a glass of water, although in fact the original body did not entertain big kingCoach, can the attitude of the other side is not bad, but the other side is that the phone over and over again, he will not listen, they did not sit and the other.
  It seems Me.Coach Wang heart of a dynamic, immediately race against time: “Pei Doc深圳桑拿网tor, I do today, still the same, and you want to talk about something eastward.”He smoked a file,” I told you, the East this child, he is indeed a very talented.”Think of it, he was depressed, he is not the first day of digging out people who encounter strange, like this, but still only a.
  Parents in general, is that school sports for nothing, do not make money; or find it too easy to sports injuries, could not bear children suffer.Be like this, he did not say a few words, immediately resolutely refused, identified his son did this ability, this is the first time I saw him!He sometimes wants to Taoxintaofei and the other said, Come on Big Brother, if

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