you are really good for nothing son, as for me to stay here for several days, just to convince you it?

  Pei Naochun memories quite clear, just yesterday, the original body is s杭州桑拿till firm and not the king coach said his son, he had to politely: “King coach, I was the head of it, or that idea, my children really quite ordinary, there is no small talent, and ordinary child bounce, how he suddenly became a running ace it?I always felt that he did not have this ability.”
  ”He has!”Coach Wang is not just look at the results, he brought the boy ran away several times, also measured as explosive, jumping ability, can really feel the child in sports, is great potential for development.
  ”.But you are so strong, I think, or to listen?What if this child really has the ability to do?”In fact, whether the original body or Pei Naochun, it is difficult to ascertain, Pei Xiangdong in the end can not be in the running on something incredible achievement.
  ”He was really!”Hard work pays off, coach Wang heart rallying cry,北京养生会所 he quickly pave the file” Come on, you see the doctor Pei, east him to school age, is relatively small, it is now belongs to the youth group, we look at the country, province, city the Junior results.”He specially made table,” Now he has no professional training, the speed has been very fast, and if we can seize thi深圳桑拿网s time, cultured, I believe he has the potential ability to play in the youth group.”Logically, he should not promise, can really do not want to miss this child.
  Wang coach concluded: “If he can now go to the provincial team training well with us, I am sure eighty percent sure, he was a high probability can produce good results.”His teeth compromise,” If your parents are worried, we can now workout city, so it will not be too far from you.”
  Pei Naochun hear the other side of the firm, he hesitantly asked: “It’s like he went to training, not for his studies, how do you solve general?”
  Wang coach understand each other finally intended to move: “In fact,

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