we can not solve.”He Tanshou honestly admit,” We do not advocate them completely dropped out of school, training center that also has school docking, they are normal child class, of course, much more you train, the energy in learning, will be less many, it is impossible to control.”

  ”Yes, I know.”
  ”To be honest, sport is very cruel, cool, can produce good results, there is no talent, at most two or three years, basically a result, if you really untalented children, they will again return to sc深圳桑拿hool to learn, if you have the talent, also to the identity of talented students, by the province to help solve the problem of school.”
  He said vaguely, Pei Naochun combination of memory would be able to guess, for the national youth athletes during the glory for the country regardless of whether not generally give them a good undergraduate arrangements, of course, the professional can not be guaranteed, even if not to go to the national level, in the province more prominent athletes, reckoned also have similar arrangements.
  Wang coach today especially serious, he always felt a lot of hard work to find a breakthrough: “Doctor Pei, your house eastward, really talented in track and field, I can give you here to be a guarantee that if you agree with him go training, I will always contact you to inform his training results, if there is n杭州桑拿网o real progress, we should also give up giving up, so will you?”He considered a rare low profile, racking up tongue.
  Pei Naochun really some hesitation, he nodded his fingers on the table, the document caught in the hands: “King coach, you can look at it this way?I look back with the documents, it is somewhat difficult, for me within three days, to give you a full reply okay?”
  ”it is good.”King coach not long-winded, directly helped to gather a good document, pushed to the Pei Xiangdong hand, and then he one out the door, no matter what, he can be considered the best, even if that person does not really agree – well, he also will regrettable.

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