liang riding a bicycle, foot fall to the ground, he has always been very fashionable, sitting among this age group is the most popular students ‘dead fly’.

  ”You be careful on the北京会所体验网 way point.”Pei Xiangdong hand stuck in the pocket, look with a bit of fear,” as soon as you put this junk car changed.”According to his idea, you have to ride an ordinary bike, so I really mind, you can also buy a mountain bike, this dead fly, did not even have brakes – there is a school, he left behind, the students saw the pile, ahead of someone brakes, behind a leg on the ground, forced the foot brake, how he felt, this is not cool it?
  ”You do not understand.”He Xiaoliang Experimental High School boasted that he is an icon of fashion, summer insects can not phrase ice, learning Pa is not happy that they learn to understand the slag,” this ride was cool, and you do not say, gone, ah, you have the road Be careful.”
  Pei Xiangdong resigned look: “Ok, go quickly.”He quietly watched friends disappear into the line of sight, and 北京夜生活网then way back home, he was home from school quite some distance, walking up and down to twenty minutes – this is the unequal situation of traffic lights, Pei Naochun mentioned for him to buy a bike, but he did not agree, because such a quiet person very good time.
  Primary school, his favorite, is carrying a bag, go forward at full speed, in the heart with his own personal race simulation in the side, unlock every home, the first thing to do is to look at the clock to make sure I after time spent altogether to his face full of satisfaction.
  And now, he turned around to see the school behind, far can see the Experimental Middle School in the highest bell tower, A county drawings, designers are specifically requested to do, the other party to arrange such a high tower, is a direct nod hob, top trimmed with motto and name of the s苏州夜网chool, the cost is not high, very beautiful, the students came habits, follow the classroom out of a look, you can see the time.
  It is 5:55,

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