this turned the bend, then to the road, has not seen the familiar blue and white uniforms, and then they can stride leg, started running –

  There are girls in the class asked Pei Xiangdong, why I like running?In this age, the time period, there are a lot of girls are getting bored from the physical education, after all the sweat, the sun and the beauty of the girls have early awareness of it, really not a good thing.After the run, they often feel breathless, anxious to run, will faint for abdominal pain, a lot of people in view, like running, has always been a strange thing.
  At that time he did not answer, just smiled, because really do not know how that can be run every time up, a北京夜网nd my heart have been answered.
  Have you ever heard the sound of the wind it?When you run it, even if it is the surrounding environment, but also faint blur, your world, it is the clearest your footsteps, and the sound of breathing air, the whole body will feel light, forward, then forward , within the scope o都市夜网f the eyes, and some just ahead.
  Although, this time running, often attracting passers slight amazement, but now comes in second grade Pei Xiangdong not feel ashamed, I just feel the excitement and enjoy the moment.
  Stand it much longer, will be able to be home, Kurtis buy a house is opposite A county hospital district, the early years had a large demolition County A father and son live in the old house being located within the scope of the demolition, after the two men to go to school, to facilitate the work, he gave the resettlement housing turn, they have a buy in this.
  Guests quite full this area, downstairs there are a lot of old people walking with a child, between tenants came familiar, waving hello to a renowned Pei Xiangdong, they live in this life for a long time, have long divided household doors do not cell alive back杭州桑拿 then neighbors familiar with each other’s appearance.
  ”Ah, Liu Grandpa, I go upstairs, you go slowly.”Pei Xiangdong gasped, although he places his ha

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