nd this old hen seems extraordinarily like her too!

  She, the old hen waving wings, Kaka Lo jumped into her arms!
  Nguyen rain despise!Look back to hide her dislike of.
  Hen perseverance old enough to die!
  I rushed!
  Less than bashing!
  I flutter!
  Thus starting a process, the Nguyen rain abruptly to feed the chickens eat the wild to ooh ooh gone, and the old hen eaten, eating more than the spirit of the old hen!It turned out to be Kaka Lo Ming to beat up!
  Nguyen rain thanks to the ability to accept relatively strong, otherwise these two old hens have to be scared to death.
  You said that you hens hen it is!
  You learn what people cock crow??
  That is what you do to live?
  Your task is to lay eggs, good eggs, you know.??
  Nguyen rain ramble along with tw深圳桑拿网o old hens say this in front of a suddenly out of the shadows, she looked up in the past, looking at the people in front of her efforts to keep out the only memory, determining he did not know before this big cock, like boys, that she doubt, “you are?”
  Tang Wenbin soulful, “rain, I was educated youth point of Tang Wenbin!”
  Nguyen rain shook him goose bumps, “have something to say!”
  Tang Wenbin eye is drawn, and his straight to the point, “I want you to hand the workers, university places, I can pay all costs!”
  Nguyen Amid laughter interesting, to pay all costs, refers to the spiritual or material, or is on the flesh.
  This is worth studying the.
  Nguyen rain shook his head, “that is also useful places for me, I do not intend to sell!”Before Magistrate Chang and Zhao Guoliang said this quota to keep, and now this quota not down, it means that there are variables.
  So more than one person Tang Wenbin fight the hands of workers, peasants and rain Nguyen University places of note.
  Tang Wenbin looked startled loose, gray eyes defeated, “you really have no chance?”
  Nguyen rain firm said, “there is no!”
  ”I am willing to do door-law the old Ruan南宁桑拿论坛!”Tang Wenbin took a deep breath and say his final condition, his own to

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