nd over his own rough few can be as long as a close look, one can still see his face sweat.

  ”Hey, OK, go back and can not immediately take a bath, poor health.”
  ”Blessings, know it!”
  Liu Pei Xiangdong grandfather looked upstairs, was a little emotion, the district where so many children, how he looked this good on a number of east doll!Every time after class to go home, they saw large bags, will immediately come and help, for fear that they are older to get fixed, and polite, say hello to everyone that he also heard that he was in Experimental High School, also managed to get well it!
  But ah.
  He sighed, but the doctor can not see Pei is, maybe he is older, like 杭州桑拿洗浴to see the east of this age child, and to see their grandson, and my heart soft, right?He remembered, Once, east and doctors do not know what Pei trouble contradiction, then went downstairs equipment squatting, cried a nose a tear, like a kitten, he met a question, before we know Pei Xiangdong turned out to participate in the school, what kind of brush tournament, won the second prize!He just wondered if this is a good thing, heard the east cried, his father said he did not seriously practice, this came second, if usually more careful, much effort, perhaps on the prize.
  Not for a while, the doctor Pei ran down, four people shouting, Pei Xiangdong did not dare squatting, sobbing passed, the doctor Pei is no longer child’s play habits, but began to criticize his mouth, what was it?
  He remembered, when the doctor Pei had this to say: “how do you so fragile?Dad said not to you?Your teacher say, you child is lack of concentration, and thought you more than words can get the first prize, but the father is honest, stubborn on you?After such a long life, problems encountered more to go, you do not have to run again?By the time you see if you can run where广州桑拿 to go.”
  Liu grandfather then could not resist, went over, smiling in a word: “Pei Doctor, you see, this child second prize, and our family guy, even a certi

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