ficate of merit side fail to get it!You say what does he do?”

  Pei doctors have always good, they treat these elderly people polite, then frowning, gentle voice: “Liu Shu, you do not know, 苏州夜网that small children, problems canMany, God it can boast two!I usually have no time to control him, you see him practicing calligraphy not know consciously, obviously able to get the first prize, he won second, of course, have to talk about.I know you hurt him, but wrong, we say say!Besides, you see him losing his temper, and I ran out, someone’s child so naughty it?”Then, he and a few pleasantries, she took Pei Xiangdong upstairs.
  Liu grandfather to now remember clearly, when listening to Pei doctor said his careless, did not recall careful Pei Xiangdong several refute mouth, tears and shut up, that uncomfortable look to him this age, saw all distressed, and later he and his wife could not help talking about it, saying that would not understand, Pei Azeri doctors on weekdays so well, and speak nicely, but his son how to do so?
  His wife when he was watching TV while his eyes gave him: “Your son to buy new clothes, you wear out, they boast a few words, you do not look too old and filled it?”She pinched voice,” hey, how can there be, nor how good-looking, not warm, he bought me a non.Obviously we can talk about things you do not say anything go南宁夜网od thing?Pei doctors are modest, to say the east so good, not to prove this tube method yet?”
  .Right also, being a wife so analogy, Liu grandfather suddenly seem to understand the idea, but he wondered how it is, it is not right?May in the end is not where it?
  Kurtis is located on the sixth floor, he sat elevator will go up into the house, or inside a black, Dad would always get back a little late, he after work, sometimes to write two medical wards, or look at the patient , and so busy, he would come back from the hospital cafeteria food packaging, the basic thing Kurtis dinner every day of the seven also.
  He was a little slow the slow, t

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