"Housing Endowment" pilot floodgates insurance companies cautious

Insurance Regulatory Commission released "Guidance on Conducting the elderly Reverse Mortgage pension insurance pilot" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion"), reverse mortgage endowment insurance pilot implementation will begin in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan 4, the base for the insured 60 years of age have completely independent elderly housing property。
During the pilot period from July 1 and expiring June 30, 2016。 China Insurance Regulatory Commission official said the pilot through insurance Housing Endowment, is intended to have the will and needs of the elderly and provide a voluntary choice of financial instruments, with the nature of the market, the government does not mean "no matter Endowment"。 At present, domestic and lack of relevant experience, insurance companies this cautious attitude。
Product launch and pilot, but offers the opportunity to choose and possibly improve the third pillar system。
In China, "to the Housing Endowment" will be how to develop?Foreign Economic and Trade University professor Wang Guojun told BEIJING financial channel in an interview that "to the Housing Endowment" outlook is uncertain, it is a supplementary pension system, only for part of the group, the elderly on the traditions of real estate will leave their children。
Prospects need to see whether the scientific and rational system design。

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