Neonatal mixed feeding What

When every new mother will breastfeed for children, but sometimes inadequate mothers milk is more common things that most people are first-time parents, so an understanding among people of mixed feeding newborns knowledge after all, not many。
Here to talk about the relevant knowledge。
First, we must first breastfeeding。
Babies under six months is best to breastfeed, the baby milk if the time, first of all give the baby to drink mother's milk。 Second, add appropriate amount of milk powder。
If both sides are drinking milk, the baby is still crying, then they would add milk to the baby。
Add half a teaspoon to scoop the beginning, and explore mother's milk and baby's appetite。 Which third, gradually increase the amount neonatal mixed feeding there。 As the baby grows, the baby's appetite is big, you can gradually add milk to the baby。 Of course, mother's milk as the baby's sucking will increase, we should also take into account these。
Fourth, you can drink before going to bed。 Babies less than six months, you can drink a little milk at bedtime, this will help your baby's sleep。
Fifth, the baby more than six months may be appropriate to reduce the amount of milk powder。
Baby more than six months has begun to add a food supplement, so if you drink enough breast milk, drink less or not drink milk。 To increase the amount of time the same as the change becomes reduction, let the baby to adapt this process。
Through the introduction of the above, the newborn can understand mixed feeding requirements are very large proportion on breast milk and so on must be careful。
I learned these methods, mothers do not have enough to worry about small babies, but mothers must eat some prolactin things, after all, breast milk is the best。

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