60.35 million yuan lottery no one will receive 60 days of not awarding deemed to have waived

The store placed an "award" medals。
Recently, this reporter visited Beiqing Bao broke winning lottery shop was informed, for the old Lottery winners station, but the staff said that their personal information made public inconvenience。
Staff said that the deadline to receive the award from there nearly a month, the time when the presence of Qijiang, bonuses will invest public funds。 Events world's largest unclaimed prize delays in the evening 28 November 2017, of 2,017,140 Welfare color ball lottery, as 21,22,25,28,29,30 red ball, basketball 08, the current out of 16 Note the first prize, a single injection bonus of up to more than 6.03 million yuan。 That night, located in Xicheng District Fucai sales You'anmen Street station, the main station Zhang Haiqing unaware of what is special about the night of the lottery。 With color ball lottery numbers have been released, 10 note first prize comes Fucai Zhang Haiqing station in the。
Interestingly, these 10 Note the first prize, a total of 60.35 million grand prize attributable to a person all。
However, lottery news has been the past month, the winner has yet to show up to accept the award。 Some netizens speculated that the winner may not know their own winning message, or totally did not expect awards fell, accidentally damaged lottery coupon。 Beiqing Bao reporter learned that, in accordance with the provisions of the effective Duijiang Welfare lottery prize for the next 60 days (including 60 days)。 2017 the evening of November 28 announced the grand prize of more than 6,000 yuan, still within the effective period of the awarding, eventually receive will be temporarily unknown。
Public reports indicate abandon award-winning situation Fucai there had been in Beijing。
In 2007, Beijing decoration workers buy a four-note "Seven-color" in a note lottery in 500 million, but he took the train back to the lottery after buying home in Anhui, take care of ailing Laozhang Ren, miss Duijiang period, lost 5000000。 Staff revealed that the winner is surrounding an old Lottery。
Visit the store memories Lottery: Lottery winners for the old color ball megabucks from the Xicheng District Fucai sales You'anmen Street station, the main station Zhang Haiqing has been in this business more than a decade。
Lottery station is located in residential buildings, from the outside is very humble, very simple interior decoration, hanging on the wall charts lottery numbers, the house has two lottery lottery research trends in rapt attention。 And in a prominent position in the sales table, stood a golden prize medals。
Beiqing Bao Zhang Haiqing told reporters, only had a note in the second prize lottery stand before this, first prize is the first time "(November 2017) No. 29 in the morning, I received a Welfare Center of Xicheng phone call, we know that out of a thousand grand prize of 10 Note color ball。 "Since Zhang Haiqing lottery station is located in the apartment building, usually patronize customers are mostly old Lottery。
Lottery station staff revealed that ten million grand prize winner is a man bought here two or three years of the lottery, but since winning the news that the man did not appear again in the lottery stand in。 Staff recalled, first prize in the lottery, betting machine numbers are selected, five times invested a total of one hundred yuan note。 "As the winner of information involving personal privacy So not disclose now hear other lottery winners are the envy of the message, but not too much concerned about whether people are bonus recipients。
"Extension of 60 days will be deemed not Duijiang Qijiang afternoon of December 29 2017, Beiqing Bao reporter called the Beijing Welfare Lottery Center staff said, the Lottery for the protection of personal privacy considerations, to disclose individual winners information。 The staff also introduced, in accordance with Article 25 of the "Lottery Regulations", the daily lottery lottery winners shall within 60 calendar days, holding the winning lottery ticket to a designated location cashing, overdue Duijiang deemed Qijiang。 Article 31 stipulates that overdue Duijiang bonus, included in the lottery。 January 1, Beiqing Bao reporter learned from informed sources, the current from the 2,017,140 first prize lottery time has passed more than a month, the winner is yet to be designated location to receive bonuses。
(Editor: Fei Fan。

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